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Submission + - German police stop man with mobile office in car (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Forget texting while driving. German police say they nabbed a driver who had wired his Ford station wagon with an entire mobile office.Saarland state police said Friday the 35-year-old man was pulled over for doing 130 kph (80 mph) in a 100 kph zone while passing a truck Monday.

Built on a wooden frame on his passenger seat they found a laptop on a docking station tilted for easy driver access, a printer, router, wireless internet stick, WLAN antenna, and an inverter to power it all.

Since there was no evidence he used the office while moving, he got away with a €120 ($153) speeding ticket and a possible fine for having unsecured items in his car.


Submission + - IBM interested in RIM's enterprise services unit (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Research In Motion's enterprise services unit have attracted the interest of IBM, which has made an "informal approach" on potentially acquiring the division. The division operates a network of secure servers used to support its BlackBerry devices, a source who declined to be named, told Bloomberg in a Friday report.

However, no party has yet shown interest in buying all of RIM or the division which manufactures its BlackBerry phones, but the Canadian company will wait for the rollout of BlackBerry 10 phones next year before making any decisions on a sale, the person said. During its fourth quarter earnings call in March this year, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins said it plans to refocus on the enterprise business and capitalize on its position in the segment.

Submission + - Tizen's Source Code Released (

sfcrazy writes: The Linux Foundation hosted, Intel and Samsung backed Tizen project has released the source code of first alpha. Tizen was created when Nokia joined hands with Microsoft and started to kill its own open source initiatives, namely MeeGo. Tizen was created to replace MeeGo.

Submission + - Samsung Releases Tizen, The successor to MeeGo (

ryzvonusef writes: SamMobile, (a Samsung Fan site) sourcing a spanish language website[1], has provided a preview to Tizen, Samsung's successor to MeeGo, which runs on a "Samsung I9500" device.

Meanwhile, CNXSoft[2] has provided links to the Tizen source code and even has a link to the SDK preview, which seem to confirm the above leaked pictures.

Given a recent[3] Slashdot story about Samsung twisting Google's arm, could Tizen be that twister?



Submission + - Windows Phones had Siri functionality for over a y (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: From the sour grapes department:

Microsoft's Craig Mundie said that the iPhone's Siri voice recognition software is not new technology as a similar system has been available on the Windows Phone for over a year, and claims Apple marketed the capability to shift focus away from the iPhone 4S's lack of new features ... n an interview last week with Forbes, Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie said that Siri's capabilities are not Apple-specific, and notes that Windows Phone's similar 'Tellme' technology has been functional for over a year...

'The Tellme facility's been in the Windows 7 phone for more than a year,' Mundie said. 'So I mean I just think people are infatuated with Apple announcing [Siri].' Mundie goes on to say that Apple's marketing prowess is something that Microsoft could learn from, though he feels that the iPhone maker had to focus on the voice technology due to lack of new features on the iPhone 4S. Mundie hopes that Windows Phone will become a major player in the mobile market, noting the recent partnership with Nokia is "huge" in making the the platform successful.

Submission + - Nokia aims to undercut rivals with volume focus (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Nokia plans to undercut its Windows Phone rivals to give its new smartphones a foothold in the market before trying to improve margins, its Chief Executive Stephen Elop said on Wednesday. Nokia hopes this will boost interest in the platform among consumers and developers, allowing the company later to focus on more differentiated models with higher profit margins.

Earlier this week a survey of research firm IDC showed Microsoft's efforts to get back into the mobile game have impressed developers, and it has emerged as the third platform after Apple and Android. Nokia hopes Microsoft's move would help the company stage a comeback also in the United States where the firm has suffered most in recent years as operators have spurned its offerings in favor of the iPhone and popular Android models. Elop said the company would be interested in using Windows 8 to launch tablets, but declined to comment on specific plans.

Submission + - Microsoft Windows Phone 55-foot replica in NYC (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Microsoft has installed a six-story interactive Windows Phone structure in New York City's Herald Square as a promotional stunt to increase awareness of its struggling smartphone platform. After a year on the market, Microsoft's reboot of its mobile phone operating system has yet to gain significant traction. In fact, the Windows maker has been more consistent at touting its successes in reaching royalty-paying license agreements, which now cover more than half of the Android market, than actual Windows Phone sales. Some industry watchers believe that Microsoft makes more money from Android sales than it does from its own platform.

Submission + - Nokia N9 review (

Gsmpedia writes: "The Nokia N9 was one of the most anticipated devices to be announced this year but unfortunately it will not be available world wide. The Nokia N9 is a piece of history itself with the MeeGo platform that is the pinnacle of decades of innovations and development by Nokia but it's also the last time we'll see it."

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