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Comment Re:Learn to copy-edit (Score 4, Funny) 67

"Programme" is the old English spelling, while "Program" is the modern English spelling. This proves that the CIA has been experimenting with time travel and space travel at Area Bacardi 151, and employs agents from Old England. The space travel gadget is so powerful that the Old English CIA agents recently voted and were able to move the entire island of England out of Europe! Rumors have it, that in two years time, the technology (unencumbered by those meddling Boys in Brussels) will be so advanced that they will vote to leave the planet Earth entirely!

This was recently announced by Old England's Prime Minister May (who nobody voted for an was selected by Russian Hackers), who said that Old England was going to "go away globally." This announcement caused some consternation in Indian workers, who when they misheard, "Old England has long global traditions", to mean that Old England was going to conquer third world countries and turn them into colonies to rebuild the Empire . . .

. . . and Strike Back!

Americans need not be worried, however. Old England policemen, called "Bobbies", although very few of them are actually named Bob, don't carry weapons. And neither do their soldiers. Except the SAS men, whole ALWAYS carry their knives with them, all the time. When they shower, they hold it between their butt-cheeks. Americans are armed to their teeth, and their major pastime is shooting holes in each other.

On the other hand, if you ask a Bobby for directions, he or she will smile and point you in the right direction. American police folks will cut you to pieces with a fully automatic Heckler & Koch MP5, and then run you over with a BearCat.

Comment Re:Sounds about right (Score 1) 83

The real question is how quickly Apple will move to reduce prices if/when the Pound recovers

When the Euro was introduced, everybody used that as an excuse to raise prices . . . even in countries that didn't use the Euro! Now, prices in the EU will rise, "because of the Brexit costs, caused by the UK!" Prices in the UK will rise, "because the EU is punishing us for leaving!" So it will very convenient for all the governments: they call all blame problems on something and/or someone else beyond their control.

But folks in the UK will be wealthier! They used to have apps on their phones only worth 79p. The will now have apps that are worth 99p. Things that are more expensive are better, so UK citizens will be better off as a result of the Brexit!

Comment Re:Caffeine is one of the drugs the most used (Score 1) 93

But what about studying the effects of chicory for instance, or fresh lemon juice, or almond milk...?

Walnuts are great for reducing blood cholesterol levels. But . . . large pharmaceutical companies can't patent walnuts, so they have no incentive to fund studies with walnuts. Well, maybe Monsanto or that creepy Shkreli monstrosity might find a way to patent walnuts.

Any, if munching on walnuts is not your thing try drinking them:

Straight up, or on the rocks . . .

Comment Re:This is an interesting case (Score 5, Insightful) 136

But do they own what's in the engineer's head?

Buried in the small print of my employment contract somewhere, is a clause that states that my employer has the first rights to ANY patent idea that gets hatched out of my bat-shit crazy tiny little mind . . . not just ones that are related to our IT business.

So, if I came up with a great idea for new toilet paper, I need to at least submit it to our patent boys to take a look. If they like the idea, they patent it in my name, but it gets assigned to my employer. If they don't like it, then I am free to patent it myself . . . provided I pay some legal folks to do the paper work.

Now if I quit my job, and suddenly the next day submit a patent . . . my former employer will get very suspicious. I am not really sure, but there is probably an exit process that ensures that "everything that happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas." There is also probably some kind of "non-competition" period, in exchange for cash.

Like the last line of the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag . . . "with Freedom and Justice for the Rich." Whoever can afford the best legal team wins the case.

Submission + - SPAM: It Can Power a Small Nation. But This Wind Farm in China Is Mostly Idle.

schnell writes: The New York Times reports on a massive wind farm in remote Gansu province that boasts more than 7,000 wind turbines but whose capacity goes more than 60% unused. The wind farm epitomizes China's struggles in its efforts to become a world renewable energy leader: the Chinese economy is slumping, leading to decreased energy demand; the country lacks the infrastructure to haul power from remote wind-producing regions to industrial centers; and government policies continue to favor the domestic coal industry. China has 92,000 wind turbines, more than double the US's capacity, but China generates only 3.3% of its electricity from wind compared to 4.7% in the United States.

Comment Re:500,000 job openings (Score 1) 196

Debugging skills are where the hot action will be; with all these librarian-trained programmer turning out spaghetti-loads of crap. Someone will need to clean up the mess, and get it working. Speaking off the Flying Spaghetti Monster, lots of folks go to church and Sunday school . . . why don't we have ministers, priests and the like teach coding? It makes as much sense as having librarian programming teachers.

I learned how to learn how to use a power drill and furniture spackle at carpentry school . . . so I can work as a dentist, as well. The carpenter taught me how to drill and fill holes!

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