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Comment Re:If it works (Score 4, Funny) 244

So you would need 42 thousand trillion trillion joules of energy to raise just one gram of water that high.

I knew there was something special about that number being the answer . . .

Next you will tell me that the energy can be generated by a guitar amplifier that goes up to 11 . . .

Comment Re:Same old companies (Score 1) 72

The bizarre joke here, is that a while back, Greeks were worried that they would be kicked out of the Euro, and the "New Drachma" replacement would be sharply devalued. So Greeks with cash on hand were looking for some tangible assets, that would hold value over time. So the Greeks bought a lot of cars . . . their favorite brands are German:

Comment Re: When's statute of limitations? (Score 1) 73

Mr Snowden's lawyers have previously said if he were extradited to the U.S., it would be "a foregone conclusion" that he would be convicted and jailed.

Lawyer says this because Snowden's foregone guilty

AGENT ROGERSZ: "Good evening Otto. This is agent Rogers. I'm going to ask you a few questions. And since time is short and you may lie, I'm going to have to torture you. But I want you to know it isn't personal."

OTTO: "Look Ah this isn't really necessary. I'll tell you anything you want to know."

AGENT ROGERSZ: "Good! Where is the Malibu?"

OTTO: "I don't know. Somebody ripped it from the yard."

[Otto is hit with electric shock and screams.]

LEILA: "I don't think he knows."

AGENT ROGERSZ: "Increase the voltage."

LEILA: "But what if he's innocent?"

AGENT ROGERSZ: "No one is innocent. Proceed."

Comment Re:Dear Apple fans: (Score 0) 471

If he gets his way: Enjoy your next iPhone costing $3000.

No, Trump plans to invade China, seize the Apple Factory there, and declare it a pseudo-State of the USA.

Of course, this will be a "Special Economic Zone", where existing Chinese labor laws, wages, environmental regulations stay the same. So, your new iPhone can be stamped with a "Made in the USA" label, but it will still cost the same as now.

A win-win for everyone. Trump will call off his planned trade war with China and give them "a piece of the action" to keep them happy. And the cleanup of smoggy Shanghai will be the problem of the US.

Submission + - Obama returns to Berlin facing uncertain future (

furnotree0106 writes: President Barack Obama returned to Berlin Thursday, the city where he introduced himself to the world in 2008 but where he now faces persistent questions about the future of a liberal global order.

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