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Comment Re:I cut off FB a month ago. It's been a good mont (Score 2, Interesting) 134

Wow, it's an interesting exercise to replace "FB" with "Heroin" in your post. It still makes sense. Maybe it's time to haul up Zuckerbock in front of a Congressional Committee, Big Tobacco style, and have him claim that FB is not addictive. Or maybe a class action suit for promoting a product that damages the health of the general public.

Unfortunately, just like with Heroin, making it illegal would not stop folks from abusing it until it causes their deaths.

Well, at least the death of their sanity. And, as with Heroin addicts, FB addicts are most of the time somebody else's problem.

Comment Re:Prior art (Score 2) 80

I'm sure others here can come up with other examples?

IBM was kicking around emails on their SNA based VNET system in the mid-70s.

I dimly remember that if your "reader" (inbox) was too large, you needed to create a large temp disk, copy everything from your "A" disk to the temp disk, un-mount both, then mount the temp disk as your "A" disk, clean up your mail, then mount your "real" "A" disk as a temp disk, copy everything from the "temp" "A" disk to the "real" "A" disk, and then finally re-mount the "real" "A" disk ask the "A" disk, and then temp disk would be automatically deleted when you logged out.

Or something like that.

There will be a pop quiz about this later in the thread.

For my next act, I will show you how to enter CP, increase your virtual storage for the session, and then re-enter CMS with "i cms" . . .

Submission + - Congressman Calls For Probe Into Trump's Unsecured Android Phone (

An anonymous reader writes: President Donald Trump regularly makes news because of his tweets. Now a congressman is making news because of the device the president reportedly uses to tweet. On Friday, Congressman Ted Lieu, a Democrat from Los Angeles, wrote a letter to the House Oversight Committee requesting an investigation into Trump's cybersecurity practices. In particular, he calls out Trump's apparent decision to keep using his personal Android phone instead of a secured phone the Secret Service issued him for his inauguration. The letter is also signed by 14 other members of Congress and calls for a public hearing to discuss the issues. "The device President Trump insists on using — most likely the Samsung Galaxy S3 — has particularly well documented vulnerabilities," the letter says. "The use of an unsecured phone risks the president of the United States being monitored by foreign or domestic adversaries, many of whom would be happy to hijack the president's prized Twitter account causing disastrous consequences for global security. Cybersecurity experts universally agree that an ordinary Android smartphone, which the president is reportedly using despite repeated warnings from the Secret Service, can be easily hacked."

Submission + - Fitbit system down for the past 12 hours affecting new users (

An anonymous reader writes: Just bought a new fitbit device — Fitbit Aria and have been trying to set up for hours until I realize their backend service is down, hence causing problems to my setup. The outage has lasted for the past 12 hours. The funny thing is the customer service is not able to help but keep telling the customers that the engineers are working hard to resolve the issues. 12 hours of outage and still working hard? Fitbit should tell customers they can buy their products but with the caveats that they might experience downtime for 12 or more hours. Till now, we don't know when the system is recovering. Extremely bad customer experience!

Comment Re:Mmmm! meat pudding! (Score 1) 126

You say "meat pudding" as if it were a bad thing.

Actually, just call it "blood pudding", serve it with baked beans and tea, and you have a "full English breakfast".

On a side note, this was the real reason behind the "Brexit". Eurocrats in Brussels wanted to mandate the EU breakfast as a stale plastic croissant and a thimble of muddy coffee, which left the UK with no other choice than to leave the EU.

Comment Re:H1-Bee (Score 1) 130

Perhaps we should just bring in some cheap H1-Bees to take care of the pollination problem.

We tried that already, by importing Africanized Killer Bees. Things didn't work out very well.

But it was the inspiration for a slew of cheap and sleazy Sci-Fi flicks:

"If you like the A-Team, you'll love the Bee-Team!"

Bee-Movies, indeed.

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