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Comment Re:Not all wrecks can be avoided (Score 1) 227

On the other hand, self driving cars don't get mad at other drivers making a mistake and try to get back at them, causing all kinds of dangerous situations.

Oh, yeah? Says who . . . ? An autonomous vehicle might be programmed to drive "aggressively" to get through traffic jams faster. They'll give the feature some innocuous title like, "affirmative driving".

What you'll end up with is autonomous vehicles playing "chicken" with each other. An autonomous vehicle will not win any races by driving cautiously.

Anyway, the point is moot, because Über is not at fault in the same way that Über is not a taxi company. Über is a newfangled economy company, using a smartphone app and the Internet, so outdated terms like "fault" do not apply to it.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 2) 131

First, you need to give up your freedom. Be denied all contact with all other humans, and be cut off from the world. You'd need to accept spending years like that. For years, you will not see a sunrise, or a rolling ocean. For years, you cannot join a motorcycle club. For years, even the possibility of a pleasant walk will elude you. You'll miss the spring flowers, the greens of summer, and the spectacle of autumn - for years. And for years, you will not feel wind in your hair or the sun on your face.

So? That sounds just like a career in IT in Cubicle Hell to me . . .

Comment Re:This is old territory... (Score 1) 374

Here's an idea I'd like to float, something that I've never heard considered before: Perhaps there simply isn't a legion of women who want to work in the cybersecurity world?

Here's an idea I'd like to float, something that I've never heard considered before: Perhaps there is a physical difference between men and women . . .?

Whoa...there's some things baby I just can't swallow
Mama told me that girls are hollow

What's inside a girl?
Somethin's tellin' me there's a whole nuther world

Ya gotta pointy bra...ten inch waist
Long black stockings all over the place
Boots...buckles...belts outside.
Whatcha got in there yer tryin' a-hide?

What's inside a girl?
Ain't no hotter question in a so-called civilized world

Can't see it by satellite baby that's cheatin'
The President's callin' an emergency meetin'
The King of Siam sent a telegram sayin'
"Wop bop a loop a lop a lop boom bam!"

What's inside a girl?
Somethin's tellin' me there's a whole nuther world

Whatcha got...whatcha got...
Whatcha got in the pot?
Whatcha got...whatcha got...
Whatcha got in the pot?
In the bottom of your bottomless bodypit
You got somethin' and I gotta get it

Come onnn...
What's inside a girl?
Like da itty bitty baby takes apart his toys

I'm gonna find what's rilin' up the boys
Sugar and spice is just a bluff.
You can tell me baby...what is that stuff?!

Come on...What's inside a girl?
That wavy gravy got my head in a whirl

-- The Cramps

Comment Soylent Blue . . . ?!?!?! (Score 1, Insightful) 63

"1,961 staff will be transferred to IBM including permanent staff, contractors, 3rd parties and offshore suppliers. However after 4 years, only 193 of the staff transferred to IBM will still be working on the LBG contract,"

So, wait, what will happen to the other 1,768 . . . ?

Oh, no! Soylent Blue is made of offshored IT staff!

Comment Re:When can we expect a ban? (Score 3, Funny) 202

How will the US manage to ban encryption for foreigners?

How will the US manage to ban foreigners?

The US government is working on banning foreigners. And they would have gotten away with it by now, if it wasn't for those meddling courts, with their Mystery Machine and the dorky dog.

"I think we should tax foreigners, living abroad." -- Monty Python

"I think we should ban foreigners, living abroad." -- Uncle Sam

Comment Re:Not much for those stuck *right now* (Score 1) 632

But what help can that be right now?

Oh, that's really easy! As a Canadian, he can apply as an H-1B to work in the US for a couple of years to get some experience there. US folks can do the same by applying for the Canadian H-1B thingy.

It will be H-1Bs, all the way down.

Although, both Canadian and US employees will be confused when they see this new crop of H-1Bs . . . they look just "too" normal . . .

Comment Re:Vault 7 (Score 5, Funny) 82

Now, whoever isn't lazy/incompetent/in bed with the CIA will implement required changes to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Why don't we eliminate the CIA instead? They are the problem.

It's "legal-ish" for the CIA to install malware on the devices of US citizens. It is also legal in the US for the CIA to install malware on the devices of foreigners anywhere in the world.

However, in most countries of the world, a foreign agency installing malware on devices of its citizens is a crime of espionage, or an act of war. Unfortunately, the CIA doesn't care about harming US citizens, and most definitely doesn't give a rat's ass about harming folks of other countries. Any legal action against the CIA will get you nowhere, really fast.

So how can you fight back? Well, kick the CIA where it hurts . . . right in their balls. The CIA has two types of agents in foreign countries, so-called "legals" and "illegals". "Legals" work in a consulate or embassy and have diplomatic immunity. "Illegals" are undercover and have no diplomatic immunity. You have no chance as a common citizen of identifying an "illegal".

"Legals", on the other hand, are quite easy to spot. They will usually have some innocuous sounding title, like, "Under Secretary for Cultural and Economic Exchange". So they can just hang out at cocktail parties and listen to political gossip. "The Economist" recommends: "Just look for someone who is obviously too clever for their job." CIA agents also run the visa department of US embassies and consulates. The want to check out folks even before they travel to the US.

So just visit your local US embassy or consulate, ask for a visa to the US. The guy who interviews you will be a CIA agent. Do NOT bring any devices with you! Wait outside after closing time for the agent to walk outside.

Then just kick him in the 'nads. If enough people in the world would do this, maybe even the US might think about taking notice of this.

Comment Re:All of the values Volkswagen holds so dear (Score 3, Interesting) 115

Well, the company VW might have admitted guilt . . . but the management, from the top down to the bottom have not. First, the CEO tried to blame it on "a couple of rogue programmers." Yeah, right.

Now all the managers are singing the Sergeant Schultz Schtick: "I know nuh-thing! Nuh-thing!" Again, some engineering manager must have known that something was amiss, and this could only be kept secret by an extensive company internal conspiracy.

The folks who will really suffer from this fiasco, besides the customers, are the simple assembly line workers, who have been or will be laid off. It's the top managers who really need to be torched for this.

Comment Re:On H1Bs too? (Score 2) 392

Actually, a tax on robots will make them prohibitively expensive. The US won't be able to successfully compete with other nations on the global playing field. So the government will have to pass a robot H-1B law, that will allow US companies to employ cheaper foreign robots. Only foreign robots have the "cheap" skill that so many companies are craving for.

Comment Re:Who's bossing who? (Score 1) 203

Well thank God Munich woke up! Believe it or not, I still like Windows.

Great, now that's the spirit! Let's have a good 'ole fashion German sing-a-long:

Die Partei, die Partei,
Die hat immer recht
Genossen es bleibt dabei,
Denn wer für das Recht kämpft,
hat immer recht
Gegen Lüge und Ausbeuterei.
Wer das Leben beleidigt,
Ist dumm oder schlecht,
Wer die Menschheit verteidigt,
Hat immer recht.
Denn aus Lenin'schem Geist
Wächst von Stalin geschweißt
Die Partei, die Partei, die Partei.

The Honeckers, Mielke, Schalck-Golodkowski and Windows . . . let's bring 'em all back!

Let's make Germany Grape Again!

Comment Re:This isn't about tourism (Score 1) 32

This is about orbital satellite launches. I'm wondering if people have stopped reading at least the article they're commenting on?

Hi, welcome to Slashdot, Nudes for Nerds!

No one reads the original article, most don't even read the summary, and a select elite few don't even read the post that they respond to.

Comment Re:Genie's out (Score 1) 82

They can prohibit Uber from using self driving technology all together.

Just because it is prohibited, doesn't really mean that Über won't do it anyway.

In addition, Über is a new age economy company run by a smartphone app. Old "Brick and Mortar" concepts and laws like "stealing" don't apply to Über.

If you really want to stop Über from using self driving technology, the only way to do that for certain is to put a bullet through the engine, fired from a high-powered, large caliber pistol: (.600 Nitro Express, Ruger .480, .450 Marlin BFR, .460 Magnum XVR, etc.)

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