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Comment Re:Satya Nadella (Score 1) 108

Well, in case you are creative, I'm still looking for misspellings of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

For Trump, maybe something like "McDonald's Trumps" . . . little cocktail sausages . . . ?

For Clinton, maybe their are some kind of pickles named something close to "Clintons" . . . ?

Comment Re:Creepy (Score 4, Interesting) 126

Microsoft has gone into Gollum mode with Windows 10

Nothing creepy at all . . . it's simple greed. The new Microsoft CEO, Satya Nutella, obviously has a bonus tied to Windows 10 installations.

Just wait until December. Microsoft will be sending out folks to your home, to give you a free PC with Windows 10 installed on it. Just to boost the installation numbers over the goal line for Satya Nutella.

That's the gag with Windows 10 Telemetry . . . Microsoft can always know how many PCs are running it. So Satya Nutella can't fudge the numbers.

Comment Re:Candidate Who Won't Win a Single Precinct (Score 2) 175

makes campaign promise she will never have to fulfill. Film at 11. :rolleyes: Snowden should be pardoned, but this would only be credible coming from one of the two mainstream candidates.

The government in the USA has been carefully crafted and evolved into a two party system. Both the Democrats and Republicans like it that way, and have no reason to change that.

Hell, 10% of the country could vote Green, and what representation would they get? Nothing.

Even Bernie just sold out to Clinton. When she gets elected, all assurances she made to Bernie will get flushed down the toilet.

Can we somehow bring in Dave Cameron as a "dark horse" candidate? I know, he wasn't born as a USA citizen, but these days, it seems everything stated in the Constitution can be fudged.

Comment Re:Better than DNA or Fingerprints? (Score 3, Interesting) 32

We might someday soon talk about sunglasses instead of tinfoil hats.

Why not combine the two . . . ? Tinfoil sunglasses! Actually, I had a pair of those to watch a solar eclipse.

But anyway, this would make a frightening Google Glass application: The glasses would take a facial picture and an iris scan of anyone who got in view of the glasses. This would be a "Bloatware" application, so the "owners" of the glasses would not even be aware, that they are harvesting information for "security" [sic] services.

I really hope I die before all this gets rolled out.

Comment Re:Is this available to the US also? (Score 2) 360

I think they started the whole "designed in America" thing so that people could somehow feel like they give a shit about the country they're headquartered in.

Actually, I bought a Harmon Kardon receiver/amplifier back in the 1970's . . . and it had that same statement stamped on the back . . . "designed in America".

So this Schtick is not new to me . . .

Comment Re:More ways to track your data (Score 1) 25

It's sad because 30 years ago when I was a teenager, this sort of stuff would of been great. Now though, I know the reality of the situation, that it's used to track users to harvest information and data.

Unfortunately, I am guessing that health insurers will require you to wear such a device in a few years. Is your heartbeat too fast? Time to cancel your contract, because of the risk of heart attack. Or, do you have nicotine or alcohol in your system?

But my absolute favorite would be:

If you feel you are not properly sedated, call 348-844 immediately. Failure to do so may result in prosecution for criminal drug evasion.

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