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Submission + - Mysterious Red Cosmic Square with Perfect Symmetry

Ano_Nimass Coward writes: are running a story about a nebula with near perfect bilateral symmetry, surrounding a dying star. The nebula encloses the star like a box. The Red Square ranks among the most symmetrical objects ever observed by scientists. "If you fold things across the principle diagonal axis, you get an almost perfect reflection symmetry," said study leader Peter Tuthill from the University of Sydney in Australia.

Occam's Razor-conforming explanations by astronomers notwithstanding, Dyson Cube anyone? Especially in the light of this study which attributes the red glow to exotic space-hardened organic molecules called Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH). PAHs are normally unstable but seem to occur in places like the nebula in question, in exotic nanostructured clusters that are extremely stable and radiation hardened.

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