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Submission + - Can the Slashdot effect save Ed Snowden? 1

NewtonsLaw writes: I read that Iceland has refused asylum and citizenship to whistleblower Ed Snowden.

In response to this, I wrote a very polite, email to the office of the Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson (details on this webpage) expressing my disappointment at the decision and my sympathy for a once-proud nation that seems to have lost its nerve when faced with the might of the USA.

If anyone else wants to do the same then perhaps it's not too late to alert the Icelandic government to the fact that they could win millions of new friends from all over the world if they were to show their courage and bravery by helping Snowden, as they have with others in the past.

Of course any such communication needs to be polite, concise and focused on showing Iceland that the internet community supports Ed Snowden and those who are prepared to help him.

Maybe the Slashdot community can help. Why not spend a few quick minutes firing off an email so we can find out for sure.

Submission + - Why no email option to share Slashdot Articles? 3

lxrocks writes: The first thing I do every morning, is fire up the Slashdot app on my Iphone. There is always an article I would like to share with my colleagues or friends — yet the only options I have are social media — WHERE THE HELL IS THE MAIL option. How difficult would it be to put that in. I stopped using Facebook about 2 years ago when I got really creeped out by just how much attention they paid me. Facebook is evil and I only wish for them to fail and go bust. I don't use any Social Media — so I can't share Slashdot articles from the iphone app. That really SUCKS!

So come on Slashdot put the 'share via email' option in.

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