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Submission + - Google Shopping Censors Confederate Flag (

Plugh writes: Go to Google Shopping and enter "Confederate flag"
Google shopping shows results for many unpopular flags, like "North Koran" and "Syrian". It shows results for revolutionary-war era US flags, like "Gadsden" and "Minuteman". But it shows ZERO results for "Confederate flag". Yet, with a little Googling, we find many online merchants selling confederate flags.

Submission + - FBI shuts down Silk Road 2.0 (

Plugh writes: On Thursday international law enforcement agencies including the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and Europol took down the Silk Road 2 and arrested its alleged operator 26-year-old Blake Benthall in San Francisco.
Come on, Slashdotters, help me understand how they managed to do this? Another careless operator? Another JavaScript injection? What?!?


Submission + - Obama's PDF: Tech Breakdown (

Plugh writes: Disclosure: I think "birthers" are kooks.
But then I saw this video, and now I'm a tad alarmed. What's up with the layers? Is this reproducible with an Adobe OCR scan of other similar documents?
I trust the slashdot community to analyze what's up with the PDF to a level of detail other news sources won't cover. Please, slashdotters, your insight and tech analysis here is much appreciated!

Submission + - New Hampshire begins open-data efforts ( 1

Plugh writes: The Free State Project was created to move 20,000 small-government activists to New Hampshire (here's the Slashdot story from 2002).

IT people, with our ability to work anywhere, were some of the first to move. Now, with over a dozen Free Staters elected to the NH legislature, these geeks are starting to affect government data-sharing policy.

United States

Submission + - Free State Project reaches 10,000 pledges (

Plugh writes: I found the Free State Project on a Slashdot story back in 2003. Now, seven years later, I've pulled up stakes and moved to New Hampshire, along with nearly 800 other libertarian types. We've had "our people" elected to the state legislature, killed bad bills, passed good bills, told the Federal government to go blow itself, done civil disobedience, and generally had a great old time. As of today, the Project crossed the 10,000 mark. My prediction? This is gonna get interesting.... Thank you Slashdot for the story that radically changed my life!

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