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Submission + - Sex, Mario & Videogames (

SlappingOysters writes: "Gameplayer has examined the rise of the Nintendo Wii and how it is bringing male and female gamers together for the first time since the eighties in this article that reveals how Mario can improve your sex life. It makes for an interesting look at the way the hobbies of the two sexes evolved along different trajectories through the nineties and why.

"C'mon admit it guys, gaming wasn't doing wonders for the old sex life now was it? But no matter, with the birth of the internet top tier German porn was but a button click away and after all, someone had to stop the Strogg from enslaving mankind. Right? RIGHT?! God, for some mysterious reason we must have all gone blind! Did being a gamer really mean we had to swap our sex drive, for a c-drive?""

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