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Comment Fuck off slashdot. (Score 0) 459

OK, this is the last article I ever read on slashdot. As a white male who works in the tech industry I come here to read about tech. Over the last few years every other article seems to be about some resentful group or another who I'm oppressing by existing, having white skin pigment, having male genitals or being heterosexual.

If you hate your readership that much slashdot, why should I patronize your shitty website?

It's time to fuck off, so off I am going to duly fuck.

Comment Gendered Bigotry (Score 4, Insightful) 834

This is the biggest pile of bollocks I've ever read at slashdot and as you can imagine it's up against some pretty stiff competition. (Am I allowed to use the word "stiff", or is that a gendered slur that reinforces the patriarchy?).

This, for example: "gendered bigotry against women is widely considered to be "in bounds" by Internet commenters". It is? No, it isn't.

The only gendered bigotry I come across on the internet these days, especially Twitter, involves pejorative uses of the phrase "straight white male".

Comment Re:Nothing new, CC identified as threat long ago . (Score 0) 163

But that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with "climate change". Indeed, the whole thesis is complete tripe given the steady decrease in global poverty and world hunger over the last 25 years. I needn't bother saying there's been no statistically significant warming for 18 years either, need I?

Comment Re:Have we discovered all there is to discover? (Score 1) 221

I would define life as a "unit of selection". But that would imply certain minerals are also units of selection. I mean minerals evolve don't they, from basic refractories (about 60 varieties) that appear when stars explode to the more complex varieties that evolve through geological processes on planets like ours. I suppose in a way this is an example of the "tyranny of the discontinuous mind"; where for convenience and because our brains are effectively machines for classifying things, we see joins where there really aren't any.

Comment Re:Have we discovered all there is to discover? (Score 1) 221

This is an excellent point. Of course replicators existed on Earth before cells had DNA. According to Nick Lane DNA would have been rather late to the party and is more a useful technological advance that gives cells a more independent existence than they would otherwise have.

Comment Re:Algeria gas is waiting for Rusia to screw up (Score 1) 250

And the US is building gas terminals to export their glut overseas. Europe hasn't even started with shale yet either, for political reasons. There's absolutely no excuse, If it does happen it will be entirely down to retarded policies of the European Union, which committed to "decarbonisation" at massive cost, whilst at the same time cosying up to the Mafia regime in Moscow for its energy supplies.

Comment Re:It's all your fault whitey (Score 5, Insightful) 441

"social justice" is based on the extremely faulty assertion that everybody is the same and that absolutely every trait or preference you may have is culturally constructed. Once you take on board the basic concept that men and women are different and that on average their college major and career preferences reflect this difference, it's not hard to understand why there's less "diversity" in technology businesses.

Straw Man indeed.

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