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Submission + - UK Judge Finds Nine Errors In Al Gore Documentary 1

An anonymous reader writes: A British High Court judge has identified nine significant errors in Al Gore's Oscar-winning global warming documentary, 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Mr Justice Burton agreed with Gore that climate change was caused by man-made greenhouse gases, but found that some of Gore's claims were exaggerated and motivated by politics rather than science. The judge ruled that the documentary can be shown to British school children, but only if it was accompanied by guidance notes to balance its views.

Journal Journal: Acer: "The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista

<b>"The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista,"</b> Acer President Gianfranco Lanci told the Financial Times Deutschland. Acer, which is the world's fourth largest manufacturer of PCs, is the first major PC manufacturer to accuse the software titan of having failed to remove major flaws in its new operating system Vista. Mr. Lanci heads the Taiwanese IT group, which generated annual sales of 11.3 billion US dollars and ranks fourth on the list of the world's largest PC ma

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