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Comment Re:Mists of Dailyquestia (Score 1) 204

There's an 'I hate dailies' train, and I can see you jumped right on it. How can you, on the one hand, be upset that there are so many daily quests available, and on the other, say that having all of them available to you is boring?

They certainly aren't essential either. The gear might have been relevant before raiding started, but if you're in a hardcore raiding guild, you've outgeared all the rewards by now anyway. If you're in a hardcore guild, then what are you complaining about? You should be used to running the same content 100 times during farm to be ready for the next tier anyway.

Since dual-spec went in, you hardly have any basis to complain that they're too hard for a tank/healer, as a DPS spec is readily available to you. Better yet, it's a MULTIPLAYER game, get some friends and tear through the dailies in minutes, they'll appreciate having a tank or healer.

I'm personally quite happy with the balance between casual questing content and other endgame stuff. I can do 30-60 minutes of stuff a day, or not. It's usually something different from the previous day, and it still results in some feeling of progress for my toon.

Comment Re:So why would anyone want to do this? (Score 1) 229

MS has some clear advantages over linux. The unix authentication and authorization model is antiquated and very coarse compared to windows. Also, MS produces a much better integrated and more functional development environment that anything available in the FOSS world.

They're nowhere near the level of depth in the HPC world that linux has, but if they can do for parallel programming what VB did for programming generally (make is accesible to non-programmer domain experts) then it could be a compelling alternative.

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