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Submission + - Only the Stupid Believed It (infoworld.com)

Pigskin-Referee writes: Microsoft bashers fooled again. In what has become overly obvious, Microsoft's pundits will believe anything as long as it is anti Microsoft.

Stupid is as stupid does with IE user hoax 'study'
A silly hoax 'study' claiming that Internet Explorer users have below-average IQs makes some people happy as pigs in slop.

The other day I was reading through the CNN site when I came across an article entitled "Are Internet Explorer users dumb?" It references a Vancouver, B.C.-based psychometric consulting company — which was revealed today to be a hoax — that claims to have given an IQ test to 100,000 people, and the results indicated that IE users scored less than average compared to users of other browsers, who tested as slightly above average.

I mulled this over for a day or two and wanted to respond in my column but decided to drop it. I thought, "This is exactly the kind of tabloid tech journalism that I've spoken out against for years. Why bother with a trip to the gutter?" — until my InfoWorld colleague Robert X. Cringely decided to jump on the "IE users are stupid" bandwagon. It must have been a slow week for technology that he would champion this prejudicial and utterly idiotic study. It's offensive. And the fact that so many tech journalism sites played up this story without verifying the alleged consulting company's existence shows who's really stupid.

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