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Operating Systems

Submission + - Why must Linux be case sensitive? 3

Twillerror writes: Recently I got an orginally Windows developed web based application up and running on Linux by using JFS without case sentivity. Code referenced files in a case insentive fashion(not ideal I know). Which got me thinking about the merits of both approaches.

This question also seems to have a lot of emotion behind it from the *nix community which confuses me. I can't for the life of me understand why you would want a directory with both text.txt and Test.txt in it. I like the fact that most OSs keep the fact that it is Test.txt, and don't store test.txt, but that is where it stops. Many of the conversations I see out there bring programming languages into the mix which I think is seperate. Also, I've seen misguided posts that say Linux can do "ls -a" and "ls -A" which has nothing to do with this as well.

Can we have an honest discussion about exactly what would break on Linux and why are worlds would stop functioning? I get the consistency argument, but can't that be implemented at the programming languaging or script processing level(determined by that community) and not at the OS level? If you dont' want bash to execute "LS" and only execute "ls" is that for bash to decide and not ext3? I'm also concerned about interoperability.

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