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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 1321

Put me in that corner. I accept the election result, but I'm baffled where all the Trump supporters came from.

About half of the people I know voted for Trump. Excuses I've heard have been: "oh he's just saying that so he can get votes from the Republican base", "well, I just don't know what Hillary is going to do to my guns", "he's going to lower taxes", "he's going to keep jobs in America", "he's going to keep terrorists out of America", "Hillary is corrupt", "Hillary is a murderer", "his past doesn't matter, it's what he'll do as president that matters".

Literally all rhetoric -- the amount of detail they're able to go into on the policies of either candidate is vanishingly small. Granted, most voters are driven by rhetoric regardless of the side they typically vote on.

But it seems to be particularly strong in the Trump crowd. They're more emotionally engaged.

Comment Re:4k on 2560x1440 and 1080p monitors (Score 1) 126

I saw a video blog that said the reason that 4k on a 1080p looks so well, is the 4 pixel blocks downsampled are no longer sharing chroma, but each pixel is independent, so the higher detail. (I'm recalling from memory, so forgive me if I'm wrong).

I saw the video you were referring to, and it was partly true. Yes, of course a higher chroma resolution will look better. But the answer is more complicated than that.

I say partly because over the years many video players have taken shortcuts on quality in the name of performance or ease of implementation. Video has by and large looked worse than it needed to. Things like disabling deblocking, point resampling chroma, and imprecise YCbCr -> RGB conversion were very common and contributed to a dramatic drop in quality. If you've ever seen some red on black that looked absolutely atrocious, this is why it looked like that.

Doubling resolution is an easy way to work around those issues, because you're adding more precision in. The end result is that you'll only see error introduced by the final resampling, which is almost always subjectively good enough even when it's objectively lackluster.

Comment It's a great time to be in graphics hardware (Score 1) 16

The graphics industry is finally out of a decade-long rut. Consoles caused PCs to become second-class, and suddenly games and engines focused less on visual fidelity and more on portability and eeking out as much performance as possible from the relatively uncapable consoles.

144hz, 4K, HDR, VR --- these things are saving the industry, and there's enough headroom to keep growing for probably another decade.

Comment Regardless of the girl's wishes (Score 4, Insightful) 386

Regardless of the girl's wishes or the scientific viability of cryo, it must be absolutely awful to have your parents arguing about what to do with your body after you die. Even worse knowing that one of them is against it, she must have some feeling that her father doesn't want to see her again.

Comment Mobile browsing (Score 2) 331

I've noticed that after getting a 4K screen, I've felt much less need to zoom in to view text.

On some level I think this is consequence of web designers targeting mobile first a lot of the time. You tend to have much larger DPI on mobile now, and so you can make lines thinner and trade some color contrast because you have much sharper detail.

Comment Re:Nearly useless (Score 2) 65

b) Police need privacy too. They have to pee and stuff, just like other people.

It should be a 2 minute long off switch that beeps to warn it's about to reactivate. The action to stop recording needs to be an explicit recorded choice and made difficult to do for long periods of time so an officer can't claim to have "forgotten" to activate it. I'd rather have an accidental piss take than a convenient lack of recording when an officer is accused of excessive force.

Comment Re:Another attempt to start anew... (Score 1) 252

Go seems like another attempt â" undertaken every few years by a fresh crop of bright-but-not-wise kids â" to start a new programming language.

Rob Pike, one of Go's designers, turned me off from the language a few years ago when he posted with incredulity positing why most C++ developers weren't moving over to Go. He ends his post concluding that displays a remarkable attitude of "I'm right because everyone who disagrees with me is wrong", deciding that C++ users just don't know what's good for them.

What he doesn't understand is... the existing languages work. And they work pretty well, despite what the rabid fans of the new hot languages will tell you. Their language might do some specific thing better, but it's really only a little bit better, certainly not enough to switch to it. Most coders have at least a few different go-to languages to cover a wide breadth of problems, and adding an extra language just doesn't add any value.

Comment He's not wrong. (Score 1) 51

There are a handful of games -- mostly cockpit games that involve cars, planes, and spaceships -- that are indisputably better with VR. EVE: Valkyrie, Project CARS, and Assetto Corsa are awesome beyond compare in VR. But there aren't many of these games, and they all fit the same formula.

And there are a few other games that, while genuinely good, don't really add much with VR. These ones make you wonder why they're not a normal game because they're limiting their market. And because VR headsets aren't the most comfortable for long-term wear, you almost wish they weren't VR games if they aren't going to use it.

And then there's the rest, which feel at best like arcade games, and at worst -- and several of them are at the worst -- like tech demos. They feel like this because we haven't quite figured out how to add fluid motion to a player in first-person, so these games either have no movement at all, nauseating WASD input, or unnatural/gimmicky movement like teleporting or "rock climbing".

Comment One word: Courage. (Score 5, Funny) 148

The courage to move on, to do something new that betters all of us.

The Swift 2.0 language is more than 12 months old. It has its last big innovation about 6 months ago. You know what that was? They deprecated prefix and postfix operations, they made it smaller. It hasn't been touched since then. It's a dinosaur. It's time to move on.

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