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Comment Re:a grain of salt for the fearmongering (Score 1) 85

This isn't AM radio we're talking about - it's 'communication'

It isn't AM, that's true. It's FSK. Modulation type is not relevant though. What is relevant is that you are sending a broadcast signal from all towers in the paid-for coverage area. I don't see why it is difficult to grok that these devices, which date back to the 80s, which send very small messages, which have an ever-shrinking user base and therefore plenty of spare capacity, couldn't get by with a "dumb" methodology for getting the message out.

Pagers do not check in. They do not ACK. They do not transmit anything, at all, ever (exception for pagers with reply buttons). The pager does not know its location. The network does not know the pager's location.

This non-transmit methodology is also how pagers can run for months on a single AAA battery.

Comment Re:a grain of salt for the fearmongering (Score 1) 85

Most pagers operate on a "spray and pray" principle of operation. They blast out a high-powered broadcast signal from numerous towers, and your pager either hears it or it doesn't. Your message will get blasted out from every tower in the network in your coverage area, regardless of where you are, because it doesn't know where you are.

The exception is that some pagers have the ability to send a response. Obviously, you can see where those are when a response is sent.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 301

That is also a ridiculously tortured summary. It should go like this: Edward Ivar, the maker of Donald Trump's hairpiece, is suing Gawker Media to stifle reporting about that hairpiece. He has hired lawyer Charles J. Harder to represent him in the case. Harder is the same lawyer who represents billionaire Peter Thiel, who is also suing Gawker media Harder is attempting to prevent republication of legal documents he has sent to Gawker, claiming copyright on them.

Once you de-torture and normalize the wording, the "news for nerds" aspect of it is made clear to be not present. Same for "stuff that matters."

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