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Comment Re:"our business" (Score 1) 388

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you think console/PC games aren't "adult enough" either?

Some people like what you don't like, man/woman - not everyone is looking for their entertainment to be SERIOUS BUSINESS/based on something super obscure/etc.

There's really not much other way to explain it.

Comment Re:You're not saving nearly as much (Score 1) 622

As for your faulty math - $60/month over 6 years is $4320 - but that's if you got a loan for ZERO PERCENT. Even with excellent credit you're looking at 4.5%.

Heh, the last time I had to pay that sort of rate on a car was 9 years ago, when I was not too long out of college with almost no credit history.

Traded that car in a couple of a days ago, got 1.9% with no hassle whatsoever.

Comment Re:More than one city supplies a home (Score 1) 180

Hey, if you have the option and market available to do that, awesome. But something like 30% of the US doesn't, last I read.

And I bet a lot of the "choice" that the other 70% has is actually between the one cable company or DSL/satellite/dialup at 1/0th the speed or worse.

I'd love to have a real choice personally - even the smallish regional cable company around here is full of profitmongering jerks. But I can't justify going from 25 meg service down to 1-3 meg DSL just to stick it to em in a tiny way.

Comment Re:Yes, yes, give it a year or two... (Score 1) 954

Yep, so very much this - I see this sort of thing almost every time I go to the nearby Kroger also.

Sure, gotta be the self-checkout's fault that you couldn't scan something right after 4 tries, can't figure out how to use a touchscreen properly, can't read the instructions on the credit card swipe, tried to use expired coupons multiple times, etc...

My "favorite" are the ones that start yelling/cursing at the machines - if you can't use simple technology without starting an argument with an inanimate object and forcing the cashier to handhold you through every step, maybe modern society just isn't your speed.

Comment Re:Why wait over a year? (Score 3, Informative) 110

Because...well, because it's the DC Metro and it's run by horrible people.

The only thing they seem to actually care about is how much money they can make, while pushing things to the absolute limit in terms of customer service and equipment.

I spent 6 years using the system to get back and forth from NoVA to downtown DC every day for work....and if I had to move back there now, I would be driving and paying for parking, absolutely no hesitation, even though it'd probably be at least twice the cost.

See for many, many examples.

Comment Re:Where I live there are no mail trucks (Score 2) 277

Do you feel the same way about all other aircraft, many of whom weigh much more and travel at much higher altitude, with the potential to cause a lot more damage if they fall out of the sky?

Or automobiles, with which you have to trust that a generally unknown driver has: maintained their vehicle properly, knows the traffic laws, actually decides to *follow* the traffic laws, hasn't been drinking, isn't distracted by their cellphone, has decent vision, etc.

Comment Re:Do longevity tests account for crappy power? (Score 2) 602

Are you implying that people who don't have awful-quality power aren't running with "real-world" power sources? What you're describing isn't normal by almost any stretch of the imagination.

Personally i've been using CFLs in all our lamps for close to 10 years, I think maybe 1 or 2 have failed out of about 9 or so during that period.

Comment Re:Past due not reported by companies (Score 1) 570

You use a check for Rent?? Mine is paid using PayPal (for both of my rental spaces)

I would quit writing a check in a second if I could, but unfortunately my property manager is stuck in the stone's hard enough getting them off their asses to fix maintenance issues, let alone set up Paypal rent payment.

I can tell you I may never deposit a check in person again though - the remote deposit app on my phone is a godsend.

Comment Re:Past due not reported by companies (Score 3, Interesting) 570

Seriously, I moved to the US last year... and I'm shocked that I can't pay my bills electronically and automatically... WTF?
I have never used a check before coming to the US, no wonder people end up in collections because of wrong addresses, etc.

Please tell me you're trolling and not really this ignorant.

I've lived in the US my whole life, currently reside in a town of about 20,000 people, and I haven't paid using a check for anything besides my rent for about 15 years now. My cable, electric, water, trash, phone, Netflix, credit cards, etc. can all be paid electronically, and set up to automatically pay what's due (or any amount of my choosing) every month, on-time, via their websites. Although I prefer to keep a few things on manual for better control, all the bills can still be seen online with all the pertinent information & due dates.

They other day I just found out that I hadn't payed my electricity bill for 3 months, because apparent that's not what an ebill does...

So you signed up for e-billing, which if it's like my local utility, sends you an email every month with an electronic copy of the bill basically saying "Hey, you have $xxx due, log in and pay it by this date". And then...what? Just ignored it or figured you were getting free power?

Comment Re:Meatspace is losing to userspace (Score 2) 310

Also as an IT guy, I find his comments pretty accurate. I work somewhere that employs a lot of recent college grads, and anything that doesn't involve going to their email or into our main software package (which better look exactly the same with all the icons in the same place) might as well be ancient magic to many of them.

For example, when it involves a computer, many of them don't seem able to go through a thought process like "X isn't working. X needs to be turned on through Y, I should check Y and see if X is turned on."

Maybe you think you're some kind of genius because you learned the very obscure Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v shortcuts, but... you're obviously not.

You joke, but i've had users treat me like i'm a goddammned wizard for simple stuff like that many a time, it's actually a bit disheartening.

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