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Submission + - SPAM: Google Nexus One Early Termination Fee: $550

itwbennett writes: Google Nexus One users who want to cancel their phone service could have to pay as much as $550 in early termination fees. In its terms of sale, Google says that customers who buy the Nexus One for the reduced $179 price with a T-Mobile contract will be charged $350 if they cancel service within 120 days. And the charges don't stop there. According to T-Mobile's terms of service, they too will charge an early termination fee: customers will pay $200 if they cancel with more than 180 days remaining on the contract.
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Submission + - No Slashdot April Fools Jokes in 2008 8

An anonymous reader writes: Slashdot will not be participating in the April Fools jokes this year due to a lawsuit that was settled out of court with undisclosed terms stemming from the 2007 April 1st stunts. The false stories were determined to be too egregious by a yet to be named individual. Slashdot's parent company SourceForge, Inc. found it wiser to settle out of court then a lengthy battle that was obviously going to span several months.

The ponies will be missed.

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