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Submission + - Second Google Desktop vulnerability uncovered

zakkie writes: "According to InfoWorld, Google's Desktop indexing engine is vulnerable to an exploit (the second such flaw to be found) that could allow crackers to read files or execute code. By exploiting a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability on, an attacker can grab all the data off a Google Desktop. Google is said to be "investigating"."

Submission + - Yet another roundup of free software, but not bad.

Bearhouse writes: From PC mag, (so get used to clicking 'next' — ugh). Not for Mac & **x fanboys.,1895,2090787, p OK, lots of 'usual suspects', and power geeks will not be impressed by the security stuff, but they are better than nothing, and reasonable choices. Let's not forget that plenty of otherwise intelligent people have nothing.. Last time I went to a dentist, for example, she had *no* anti-virus software installed. *sigh* (Upside! Traded my treatment for re-installing everything...stopping counting trojans & viruses after 200..) More interestingly, there's some of my favorites in the article, (Irfanview), plus some stuff that looks interesting. A good way to get out of free support for your family & friends — just point 'em here. But note, the PCMag boys picked up a trojan along the way...

Submission + - XP on 8MHz Intel Pentium and 20MB RAM

swehack writes: "The germans over at managed to get their Windows XP Professional to run on an Intel Pentium clocked down to 8MHz and 20MB RAM. Here is the english version of their article, with plenty of pictures. On a related note they also won the golden hourglass for 'extreme waste of time'. What obscure hardware configurations have you managed to get Windows running on?"
The Internet

Submission + - Pendulum swinging toward privacy

netbuzz writes: "The New York Times reports this morning on a gathering movement to remove Social Security numbers from online public records. While justifiable, given the reality of and concerns about identity theft, it also doesn't take much to imagine how such concerns will be abused by public officials who are strapped for cash and/or ethically challenged. 6"

Getting in to a Top Tier College? 177

IvyLeague Engineer asks: "I'm currently a senior at a top rated public school and I look forward to majoring in Electrical Engineering. I've already been accepted into Carnegie Mellon University, so I don't need to worry about any 'safety' schools. However, I still have my sights set on getting into a school such as MIT or Cal Tech. My grades are high (95.6 on a 100 scale), I have several leadership positions in clubs, however I'm pretty sure that's not enough. What else can I do to improve my chances of being accepted there? I've already been deferred from early action at both institutions and I'm afraid it's too late to do much at this point. I'm sure there are other people like me wondering just what it takes to get admitted to a prestigious college."

Is Computer Science Still Worth It? 434

prostoalex writes "Is it a good idea to go into Computer Science? Yes, there are certainly pending labor shortages as Indian companies outsource to the United States, but speakers of Stanford Computer Forum generally agree that it's a good career choice. From the article: 'To ensure job security, students must learn business, communication and interpersonal skills, Vardi recommended. The personal touch will become as important as technological expertise, he said. "There are jobs galore," agreed Suzanne Bigas, assistant director of the Stanford Computer Forum.'"

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