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Submission + - 1977 Star Wars computer graphics (

Noryungi writes: The interestingly named "Topless Robot" has a real trip down memory lane: how the computer graphics of the original Star Wars movie were made. The article points to thisYouTube video of a short documentary made by Larry Cuba, the original artist, explains how he did it. In 1977. Computer graphics and Star Wars: what could be better?

Submission + - Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Early Tuesday Morning (

GringoChapin writes: reports that "One of the best annual meteor showers will peak in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday, and for some skywatchers the show could be quite impressive. The best seats are in Asia, but North American observers should be treated to an above average performance of the
Leonid meteor shower, weather permitting." Folks from the United States will want to start watching at 0100 Pacific, 0400 Eastern, and those in Europe from 0100 local time until dawn.


Submission + - The Zoo versus the Internet (

CNETNate writes: If you thought the Internet was fast, think again. The world's top animals were pitted against an average ADSL broadband upstream connection over a one-mile course, transferring 32GB of data. If you put 32GB of data on a bite-proof USB key and strapped it to a cheetah, for example, it would be available to read at the destination 11 times faster than the Internet. The cheetah takes 30.9 minutes, the Internet... over 6 hours. The article is reminiscent of the story from a few months ago, in which an Australian pigeon was faster at transporting data than a local compay's Internet connection.

Submission + - Apple's 12 Biggest Failures (

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Galen Gruman gives a chronological overview of Apple's biggest flops to date. 'Mac OS X, the iPod, iTunes, the iPhone — more often than not, Apple sets the standard, but its successes don't cover the whole story. The company’s periodic failings of arrogance, internecine warfare, and myopia have also played a key role in the company's storied history.' Lisa, eWorld, Copland — each failing is viewed as an essential step in the shaping of what Apple has become today, with even some of its failures living on to achieve cult status."

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