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Comment Re:There are 5 trillion /56 blocks (Score 1) 148

So, IPv6 does not support private ASs and (more importantly) addresses owned by private companies?

Currently, the company I work for has its own AS and its own IPv4 subnet. We can use whatever ISP we want and still keep our IPs (we use two ISPs for redundancy and are able to change the ISPs to new ones if we need to). Would this be not possible with IPv6?

Comment Re:Fake security risk (Score 1) 177

Using a gun is cheaper, but leaves evidence and if somebody sees you using the gun, they might tell the police.

On the other hand, if the radio equipment can be placed inside a backpack (or two), then there is no evidence that I caused the accident. I am just standing there minding my own business and then walk (or drive) away. If the place usually is full of people, nobody would notice or remember me and would not be able to link me to the accident.

Also, the researchers most likely used general purpose equipment which is more expensive, now that they know how to jam the radar, I am sure that much cheaper devices could be built to do just that.

Comment Re:Illusions (Score 2) 177

You can cut the brake lines or plant a bomb in any car, that will do the job quite well. You can also use a bigger car to ram the car off the road, it should also work.

However, messing with the car using radio waves (be it confusing the radar, hacking via bluetooth or wifi or hacking the car via the internet) does not leave evidence. Or, at least does not leave any evidence that may be used to identify you.

So, standing on a bridge and dropping bowling balls or bricks on cars, that are driving under the bridge for fun may get you in trouble. Sitting by the road (or traveling in another car) with an antenna (especially if the equipment and antenna can either be made small/inconspicuous or work from longer ranges) probably won't get you in trouble, since the radio waves do not have your fingerprints.

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 159

The only way to build a solar power plant in Sahara and use the electricity to power Europe would be to take the required land from whatever country it currently belongs to and also occupy a land strip at least 100km in both directions from the power lines and then mine the hell out of it.

I am sure that there are multiple groups of people in those areas that would really love to blow up that power line, therefore it would need a lot of protection. The 100km buffer around the power plant and the power lines would to protect it from short range missiles.

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 159

If the people live there illegally, well, they cannot really object, can they?

As for wildlife preserve - so, it is disused right now. You most likely can't even hunt the wildlife (I would imagine the meat is more radioactive than usual).

Therefore, instead of allocating land that has other uses (say, people live there legally or the land is being used to grow food) or clearing out a non-radioactive forest to build the power plant (and Ukraine really needs it, since the fuel for its other power plants comes from Russia and some big Ukrainian coal mines are currently in the hands of the Russians (sorry - "pro-Russian separatists") why not use this otherwise useless land for the power plant.

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 2, Interesting) 159

And one such factor is that the are currently sits unused and cannot be used for pretty much anything else. It also is probably safe from being taken over by Russians (who would want uninhabitable land), unless they prepare to occupy the whole country (in which case the location of this power plant does not matter). Also, as the summary states, there are high capacity power lines in the zone already and repairing them probably is cheaper than building brand new lines.

While you could built it, say, near Odessa and be 500km closer to the equator (which presumably would result in more sunlight), that area is in danger of being taken over by Russians (and also is in the "pro-Russian south"). The land is most likely already in use for agriculture or something like that.

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