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Comment Re:Why does anyone update? (Score 1) 172

Just try to do no updates if you are using Windows 10 Home or Pro version (without pulling the network connection obviously)...

Good luck with that...

or you could you know hide the update until they fix that shit!
with that wee app you can hide any update that doesn't play well until micrsoshite fix their crap. it used to be built in built now it's not

Comment Re:Vanity Fair (Score 1) 128

I would blame what little success that Theranos enjoyed on Silicon Valley. But when it comes to the failure of Theranos, the culprit is simple: their business model was based on technology that doesn't exist.

I wonder if PT Barnum's family consider their infamous ancestor a failure...

not analogous at all really. lives weren't dependent on the result of the "thrill" people got from viewing Barnum's exhibits.
Lives were most certainly at risk from Holmes' bullshit

Comment Re: Other than Brother... (Score 2) 387

HP's been a zombie company running on inertia for a long time now. There's no quality behind their products, they're just a brand stamped on crap.

I haven't considered buying HP in over a decade.

In Scottish Service Engineering circles we always joked with our new apprentices that when you look at your HP Certification badge.. you'll noticed that there's a sticker on it, and if you peel that, the HP logo comes off and either a canon or ricoh logo was underneath.

Comment Re:Smeg (Score 1) 153

I couldn't watch it after the first part.

You either keep someone up year after year or you leave it alone after a hiatus. Coming back after so many years was a mistake, it didn't work.

Now if they CAN get back into the flow for two entire series, well done. But I've never seen it happen on any series ever.

Same with all the other recent BBC remakes - we can't make anything original (without selling it off to Channel 4 apparently), so we'll just bring back actors from 20 years ago and re-try what we did back then. Everything from Open All Hours to Only Fools and Horses, Yes Minister to Porridge. They've all been "re-visited" recently.

Strange, because the primary complaint about those programs is that the re-runs are shown ENDLESSLY on other channels. I guarantee I could watch one of them right now if I was to channel-surf.

Red Dwarf was great. Correct tense.

Red Dwarf 9 - back to earth was totally shite.
Red Dwarf 10 wasn't so shite but not brilliant.. passable
Red Dwarf 11 has a budget and it shows AND it's very funny. I quite enjoyed the first episode and if you know where to look you can find it! and see for yourself ;)
you'll find that this was brought back due to popular demand by the fans.

Comment Re:and then block porn / 3rd party candidates / fr (Score 1) 194

You're the cuntface that started throwing words like 'bile' around and using capitals in response to a factual, calm and constructive comment.

Having firmly established your intellectual credentials at the level of 'dehydrated slug' you really expect me to take your points apart one by one?

No. Go lick a cow, it's about your level.

and there we have it!
as for licking cows... only portions when cooked :-)

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