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Comment Re:"On Mobile" (Score 1) 61 about a massive over-reaction gone wrong!
you just turned a witty one line quip into something it wasn't!
that popping noise must've been you spitting your dummy out!
let's look at what I typed again shall we?
"some people have a short memory , eh fanboy? ;P"
now, from what i gather when you put the ";P" at the end it indicates a joke,a witty quip.. you get the gist!.. now why don't you remove the pompous, wilful misinterpretation hast off and stick your dummy(comforter) back in that you spat out, looks like you need it buddy!

Comment speaking as the son of an immigrant (Score 1) 354

who came from Italy to start a business in Scotland(yes..yes.. a bloody chip shop!..LOL)
MY father always said.. If you want to go anywhere and take money from people then it's only polite to speak the language
you MUST be able to communicate on a basic level and Uber are just being sphincters as usual...
My father learned the language from scratch when he came here , those who come now should do the same or quite frankly bugger off!

Comment don't need it... I am with Three! (Score 1) 47

So I get to go to use Feel at home with my contract
I am currently in Malta on a quick business trip and my phone works as normal with unlimited data,minutes and texts as per my contract.
So this is nothing I need to bother with ever really as i doubt I will have a reason to travel to any country not on the feel at home list.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 12

Does Razer still require users to make accounts and login to a remote server to use drivers and software for their peripherals?

Yes they do if you want the full functionality of the devices

Comment Re:Security expert? (Score 4, Informative) 377

if the laptop has any information about him or his accounts or logins, then the theft of the laptop could lead to identity theft and fraud. Dude didn't encrypt, so he's not a computer expert, so he's probably employed under false precincts, and should be fired.

it's false PRETENCES not precincts..
you are here under the false pretence you know what words mean ;)

Comment Re:Fujichrome and stock tip (Score 2) 213

Fuji's T-grain emulsion is superior to kodak.. as someone who has his City and Guilds(yeah.. that old) and who's first job was in photography... fuji t-grain FTW!

But it's color was garish.

one man's garish is another man's vivid.
for work with long focal length and tele-convertors I'd take t-grain over kodak film any day of the week bud ;) Also if you used their 600 film and uprated it to 3200 , popped on a soft focus filter and processed it as 3200 you got pastel portraits the easy way.. they were quite popular in the 80's

Comment Re:Fujichrome and stock tip (Score 1) 213

i remember when ilford fp400 was xp400! I worked at a govt Research place in Scotland and we had a GREAT set up and i got spoiled for kit between Nikon f3's, hassleblad's for medium format and the classic 5x4 tech cameras. With our studio being part of the maintainance building we had our own custom studio kit.
Then I joined the army as a photographer... the kit at the Joint School of [photography(Now the Defence School of Photography) at RAF Cosford was erm.. pretty fucking basic and the first month they issues you something s;lightly better than a box brownie.. i shit you not! Second month you got a nikon f3 and hassleblads cm550's again. I LOVED darkroom work. i am no setting up a home darkroom. It's just getting hold of a decent colour enlarger and a big ass black out blind for the kitchen and i'm sorted!

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