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Comment Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1307

I'm no fan of Michael Moore, but the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) has covered the state of health care in Cuba and the report seems pretty glowing, and the BBC have said the same. Cuba indeed does outdo some developed nations on certain health indices, and they have a health tourism industry as a result. I believe it was suggested in the BBC report that health care is one reason the Cuban government has stayed in power for so long.

Comment Re:What is systemd exactly? (Score 1) 765

So what you're saying is if it's modular in theory, but monolithic in practice it's not a systemd design problem but a problem with developers? Right, got it! In other news : those encryption standards that people say were "subverted" by the NSA to make a correct implimentation less likely are perfectly fine... nothing to see... move along. Any problems are with the developers.

Comment Re:O...okay? (Score 1) 134

Opinions differ... I've seen secretaries balk at LibreOffice, but that's understandable - they're topic experts, and noone wants to throw away so much experience with a product for minimal gain. I've also spoken to a technical writer, and she said she was forced to move to LibreOffice to support her workflow (stylesheet related problems... can't remember exactly what her issue was), but she was glad she made the effort. I haven't spoken to any topic experts about GIMP, but personally GIMP does much more than I ever think I'd need, and frankly I'm lost in front of Photoshop anyway and never wasted the time to get familiar.

Comment Re:Stop trying to win this politically (Score 1) 786

Without an atmosphere we'd have -387 Fahrenheit (-233 Celsius) at night and 253 Fahrenheit (123 Celsius) during the day... so what's your point? Fine tuning couldn't be useful?? My hometown is much more bearable in summer during the night due to being inland (ie. less humid, lower temperatures). I'm not excited about everywhere progressively becoming less bearable due to higher CO2. The fossil record tells us that ocean acidification could be the greater danger in any case - marine algae (estimated to produce 50%-85% of the worlds oxygen) needs to create carbonate skeletons that are vulnerable. Even tough oysters are already dying off in many places.

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