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Submission + - you choose price to download new radiohead album (

-razor- writes: Basically, as of October 10, Radiohead is going to make their new album available for download — at a price that's 'up to you', and about two months before the physical version appears. Their contract with EMI's done, they're critically acclaimed and independently wealthy, so I guess they can do whatever they want...

Submission + - Radiohead's new album: pay what you want. (

TheGeneration writes: "In an unusual twist Radiohead's new 10 track studio album In Ranbows is being released in a download form where the buyer can choose the price they would like to pay. They can pay $0 or they can pay a million, it's up to the listener. Apparently they are opting to bypass the usual distribution methods for this album. Radiohead, being one of the biggest bands to emerge in the last 15 years, is taking a huge risk with this unconventional move to bypass the major label distribution schemes. Should other big name bands follow their lead it may well spell the end for the majors."

Submission + - Dark Matter - Now, Even More Confusing Than Ever

glhermann writes: As if dark matter weren't confusing enough...
Today, astronomy blogger Phil Plait, of, featured some developments in the research of dark matter. rk-hole/#more-1669 — He cites a press release today, by NASA, that discloses some discoveries which seem to fly in the face of what is commonly (tenuously) accepted so far — 090.html It seems that dark matter does not always stay with galaxies, as was previously thought. What does this mean for our understanding of dark matter, and what could this mean for physics? The press release states that — "The second option is that dark matter is affected not only by gravity, but also by an as-yet-unknown interaction between dark matter particles. This exciting alternative would require new physics and could be difficult to reconcile with observations of other galaxies and galaxy clusters..." What kind of "new physics" would this be?

Feed Science Daily: Dark Matter Mystery Deepens In Cosmic 'Train Wreck' (

Astronomers have discovered a chaotic scene unlike any witnessed before in a cosmic "train wreck" between giant galaxy clusters. NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and optical telescopes revealed a dark matter core that was mostly devoid of galaxies, which may pose problems for current theories of dark matter behavior.

Submission + - Slashdot References in Popular Culture? 1

The Living Fractal writes: "So I'm reading Century Rain, a great SF book by Welsh author Alastair Reynolds, and at about page 80 or so I stumble onto a hidden Slashdot reference. Reynolds' character "Niagara" runs a finger diagonally across his chest then 'dots' next to the slash, then goes on to talk about a community of progressive thinkers on one of the earliest computer networks (today's internet) who eventually founded his society. They're even called Slashers! Maybe old news to some of you, but a nice surprise for me nevertheless.
Does anyone else have /. easter eggs they've found that they can share with us?"

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