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Comment "Fell out of his pocket" (Score 1) 89

Is there any way to read "fell out of his pocket" that isn't a euphemism? Unless the cops picked him up by the ankles and shook him I find it very difficult to believe that anything just "fell out" at the random moment that they just happened to be arresting him. Of course if it was ever really in his pocket to begin with then they would have found it when they booked him. But it seems more likely that it "fell" out of the arresting officer's pocket instead.

Comment The elephant in the room (Score 1) 467

I'm not a gamer, but the thing that interests me that no one is talking about is the fact that they apparently know how long you have played the game. Why is anyone OK with that?

Every Windows 10 story on Slashdot is filled with vitriol over Microsoft's tracking, but here's a story about a company that apparently knows exactly how long (and presumably that implies they know exactly when) you've played the game and nobody seems to even mention what a grotesque invasion of privacy that is.

Why does Microsoft get chastised but apparently tracking by Sony doesn't even warrant a mention? Bizarre.

Comment Re: utorrent ? seriously? (Score 1) 118

I don't use bit torrent, but if I did I certainly wouldn't run it on a computer that I used for anything else. When you say

health of your computer

I assume you're using the singular because you only run bit torrent on one computer, not because you only have one computer. If you don't have an old machine to wipe and dedicate to bit torrent then at least run it in a dedicated VM or a Raspberry Pi. Please tell me people aren't running bit torrent on computers that they use for anything of importance.

Comment Re:Been that way for a while (Score 1) 197

Step 1: Invent some shitty cell phone nobody cares about.
Step 2: Sell shitty cellphone design to Apple Ireland for $1.
Step 3: Lease back shitty cellphone design for 99.9% of the revenue.
Step 4: Design not so shitty, sells a billion phones, pays 99.9% of the revenue to Apple Ireland.
Step 5: No profit after licenses and other expenses.

You lost me between step 3 and 4, how did the design go from shitty to not so shitty, sells a billion? You appear to be saying that the mere act of leasing it from Ireland transforms shit to gold.

I think you need to check your assumptions, but if you're right then you really should figure out if your steps for going from shitty to sells a billion can be applied to anything other than phones.

Comment Re:Seen this before... (Score 3, Insightful) 83

Sounds like you're a perfect reason to buy a waterproof phone, although if you were my friend you wouldn't be any more after destroying my property. When you say it was a "very effective deterrent" I assume it changed the behaviour of these former friends by stopping them from ever coming to your house or allowing you to talk to them again. If not, then you must hang out with pretty pathetic people who would put up with that shit.

Comment Useful news (Score 2) 83

Well I'm glad I saw this article because I've recently been thinking about buying this phone. I really want a waterproof phone and was really disappointed with the experience of an iPhone in a Lifeproof case. It's weird that the S7 is actually tougher than the S7 Active. One thing that's missing from all the specs and reviews I've seen is how often it's rated for immersion. Is it 30 minutes over the life of the phone or 30 minutes per day or something else.

Comment Re:"user permissions" != "full control" (Score 1) 109

List five things that a non-admin user can't access/change/delete that can't be restored by wiping and reinstalling.

The important stuff on the computer is the stuff the "clueless user" created or modified, not the stuff that was preloaded or installed from download/auto-update/disc or deployed by an administrator on thousands of machines via push automation.

Comment Re:Article paid by Apple to boo over it. (Score 1) 456

IPhone log files are under Settings -> General -> About -> Diagnostics & Usage -> Diagnostics & Usage Data and then listed by filenames that generally have an application name in them.

I'm not sure quite how useful they are in fixing problems. Most likely whatever you're using is not open source, but it's silly to say there are no log files.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 132

As a parent I'm curious about where in Common Core you found this? I don't know how to recognize what's Common Core and what isn't, but all of the math homework my daughter brings home seems very clear and sensible.

I've seen lots of posts on Slashdot denigrating Common Core so I've been on the lookout for anything that looks questionable in her math homework but I haven't seen anything yet that I wouldn't want her to learn. Certainly I've never seen anything even remotely like the gibberish that you're quoting.

Comment Re:Government should enforce more standards (Score 0) 401

No need to wait, there are metric measurements on practically everything in the grocery store, metric rulers and scales are available all over the place, metric kitchen measuring cups and spoons are in every kitchen supply store (though grandma's recipes aren't likely to be written in metrics units.) (at least I assume they're still available, all my kitchen measuring utensils were bought in the US over fifteen years ago and it's not like I actually had to look for metric ones, it was standard on everything.)

Are you under the impression that someone is going to toss you in jail for using the centimeter side of your ruler? Or do you just feel a fascist compulsion to control teaspoons of baking powder or soda other people put in their cookie dough? Feel free to pour as many millimeters of soda as you want from that 2 liter bottle into your glass. Does it offend you that the bottle of orange juice in front of me is 2.63 liters rather than an integer? Well, it's 2.7 quarts so that's not an integer either. It's 89 ounces, so that's an integer, but it's probably close enough to 2630 milliliters to be within margin of error so I don't see what you've got to complain about there.

And you're welcome to use metric units for your 4x8 sheets of plywood or 2x4 lumber as long as you don't insist on actually changing the actual wood to an integer number of centimeters.

And while we're on the subject, what business does the kilogram have being an SI base unit? And even if we accept that, what the hell is a gram? Clearly the correct use of SI prefix system dictates that a thousandth of the base unit of SI mass must be the millikilogram. Simply removing pat of the base unit's name is certainly not in compliance with the systematic use of consistent prefixes.

By the way, the physicists would like to know if you're ok with them using electron volts and light years or whether your hard line attitude requires discontinuing the use of those non-SI units as we'll.

Comment Re:Finding Useful Information on the Internet (Score 1) 143

The search engines all assume that you meant 'Beiber' when you typed in 'Becquerel'. They all deliver results of what they think you want, vs. what you actually asked for. Often you're steered toward pay sites.

You should check out this search engine: I assume you've never heard of it but I think it's going to be a big success some day.

I typed in 'Becquerel' (well, technically I copied and pasted from your post) and the first two results are on Henri Becquerel, the physicist, and the unit of radioactivity named after him. All the rest of the results on the first page are also on either the man or the unit named after him from a variety of different sites and none of them were pay sites as far as I could tell.

None of the results on the first page were about 'Beiber' and I couldn't see any indication that this "Google" search engine assumed that I meant 'Beiber'. I'm guessing that either you're using a search engine that takes into account your own personal past history of actual Beiber searches or else you just suck at Internet.

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