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Journal Pan T. Hose's Journal: My fellow non-Americans 2

"The result of the US election will affect the lives of millions around the world but those of us outside the 50 states have had no say in it -- until now," writes Guardian Unlimited, one of the most popular online news resources on the Internet, in the article entitled My fellow non-Americans. "In a unique experiment, [Guardian] has assembled a democratic toolkit to enable people from Basildon to Botswana to campaign in the presidential race. And with a little help from the folks in Clark County, Ohio, you might help decide who takes up residence in the White House next month."

In this article Oliver Burkeman thoroughly explains how non-Americans can have a real chance of influencing the outcome of the United States presidential election in 2004 by writing to undecided voters in the crucial state of Ohio. He also instructs how to give money and make your voice heard by contacting the US media. More can be read in the related articles, A brief guide to Clark County and Dear Clark County voter.

In the first three days after publishing My fellow non-Americans, more than 11,000 people requested addresses and due to a strong reaction of US readers Guardian Unlimited has received many voices of protest.

According to Wikipedia, Ohio is a swing state. "The mixture of urban and rural areas, and the presense of both large blue-collar industries and significant white-collar commercial districts leads to a balance of conservative and liberal population that (together with the state's 20 electoral votes, more than most swing states) makes the state very important to the outcome of national elections and, therefore, very important to the campaigns of both major parties."

Guardian Unlimited is an on-line version of the British newspaper The Guardian, formerly known as The Manchester Guardian. It is a serious broadsheet newspaper with relatively left wing politics.


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My fellow non-Americans

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      In a recent Guardian [] article, Oliver Burkeman thoroughly explains [] how non-Americans could hypothetically have a chance of influencing the outcome of the United States Presidential Election by writing to undecided voters in the crucial state of Ohio and contacting the US media. In the first three days after publishing, more than 11,000 people requested addresses, but many strong voices of protest from the US readers have showed that despite

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