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Journal Journal: Slashdot and the new tagging beta system

I "Bookmark"-ed a URL of Slashdot's FAQ about the new tagging system which also covered some things about the Slashdot Bookarking system, because I wanted to test it--and, I wanted to remind myself to come back and learn more about it, and to remember to use these tools more.

I go in for another surgery on June 30 (next Friday), and some of my doctors who know my medical history say that I am too thin and too "fragile" to survive a major surgery like this one, since I already have had all of my intestines removed (I have less than 1.5 ft. of small intestines, around 40 cm.) which makes me very mal-nourished. The surgery I am going in for, is to have my aortic valve replaced. I have developed a severe aortic stenosis. This comes from the original surgery for the appendectomy; when the doctor covered his tracks by refusing to treat the peritonitis that I'd developed after his first botched appendectomy--I went into toxic shock which meant that all my internal organs became infected; and this infected the valves in my heart. All since then, it has been downhill; but I've avoided open heart surgery until now...
hopefully, doing things like saving this URL in the Slashdot system will help to get me back on track when (IF! ) I get out of the hospital.

I don't expect anyone to read this, so I am just posting this for myself--sometimes when I get out of the hospital, the tole on my body which the severity of the surgery has taken is such that I forget everything that was happening before; books that I'd bought that I wanted to read (I hadn't had a chance to finish them before the surgery) just sit around, because when I look at them--I do not remember when I bought them, or why. And seeing them there, I cannot even figure it out--that is, *why* I had even bought them in the first place! "Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" was such an amazing book! I read it, when I had been out of the hospital that time for a few months; but I didn't know why I had that book--I didn't remember it at all; I had to look up the receipt for the book in order to realize that I had been the one who bought it! In fact, I had thought it was someone else's; or maybe it had been bought for me by a friend.

In fact--since I had been in the hospital THAT time for five months--I tried to find the bookstore where my "previous self" had bought the book, but it had gone out of business. In any case, I could not recall why I had bought that book (to just look at it, it seemed "interesting" but so are a lot of books!) However when I began to read a little of it I realized that here were answers to many things which I had been wondering about, and working on in my studies of computer science! Maybe someone recommended it to me? I called it "GEB" for short, and I began finding a lot of references to it on the Internet later on, when I first got connected. But I still wonder how I managed to wind up with that book at home, waiting for me, when I got out of the hospital; like an omen or something, just sitting there, shiny reprint cover gleaming up at me!

For a book of which I had no clue why it was there, why I had bought it, and which as far as I knew, I had never even heard of before--I read it and studied from it so much that it actually wore out; pages fell out and had to be stuffed back in; and eventually I wound up actually buying another one--one day in a really big Barnes & Noble bookstore I saw a larger version of GEB which I quickly discovered was published by Basic Books--the publishers who originally published it. This was a paperback version, but it looked the same and was the same size as the original hardcover version. Plus, being published by Basic Books, it was "sturdier"; better paper and betterto read! Plus, I didn't start doing all that yellow highlighting and stuff that I did before; I already had my previous edition to refer to anyway if I wanted to see my old lighlights and underlinings.

I really hope that I survive this upcoming surgery; I know that I am dying, and that I need to have something done, and this appears to be the only way--to have the bad valve replaced. The new valve will be a tissue one, since the mechanical valve would mean that I would have to always take coumadin, and this would be real hard on my body, because of all the things that I've been through. I was supposed to die 24 years ago; and yet--I've made it this far. Perhaps I will survive even more. And I hope that I do; so that I can continue keeping a good home for my mother's dog (which I inherited when she died), and who would probably go to the pound if I were to die. And anyway, I don't feel like I am finished. So I must not die, if I am to continue to follow the dictates of the spirit (that's one way of saying it, anyway...)

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: A considered reply to an Anonymous Coward 4

This is from a reply I recently made to an AC, because I usually don't pay attention to or argue with ACs, but in this case something that one particular AC said made me think of these points--so I made the reply, with the intention of putting the finished reply in my journal.

It isn't quite a formal essay, but I worked on it carefully, and I think it is a pretty good summary of how I feel towards ACs.


So, I'm just curious, AC: which is it, do you want him to reply, or don't you? whatever he does, you're going to criticize it. From the perspective of a by-stander, it is only the AC who insists on calling everyone "bitch" because he is unable to state his point clearly who appears to be the fool; both here and everywhere else I see ACs attacking someone.

Such spite and venom, expressed so poorly and incoherently, all the while hiding behind a shield of anonymity: now I can clearly see why you and your kind are called "cowards". When you attack folks this way, you just look stupid to anyone else following the thread.

What is it with you ACs who post anonymously? Is it so you can attack without having to worry about your own karma? And why do you call those you attack "karma whores", when clearly you're just as bad--otherwise you wouldn't be posting anonymously, in order to keep your karma safe! It is the same thing, only while those you condemn are (in your eyes) trying to raise their karma levels, you're trying to protect your karma while posting whatever you want to, and so refusing to take responsibility for your posts. This is not what anonymous posting is intended for, a point so obvious that it shouldn't even have to be said.

Your antics are so obvious that they're ridiculous; and so when you go and attack someone like Sir Haxalot, who's posts, from what I've seen so far are not at all like how you so droolingly characterize them...the only thing that anyone can assume from your words, is that you're jealous!

So what is it, does his Slashdot name bother you, or something? I'll admit, when Sir Haxalot posts, his posts sometimes seem to be typically short (although I enjoyed his movie review), and if that's about the worst that can be said about his posts, then I don't see any reason for your attacks.

Not only that, but it should be up to the moderators to mod him down, rather than for you to presume to tell others the ``Right Way To Post'' --like you're such an expert! Your posts, AC, are pathetic ad hominem (look it up) attempts to raise yourself above others, but they're more like pleas for attention. You seem to think that you're doing well by pointing out the flaws in other people's comments, but instead, your posts beyond a doubt do not follow any of the Slashdot posting suggestions in the FAQ, and they sure as heck break all the rules of ``Internet etiquette'' which exist to make it feasible for human beings to be able to put up with each other--just like common courtesy in real life. If you act like you post, I cannot imagine that you have any friends, or perhaps you were raised in a barn?

You know, if you don't like the way that a posted comment has been moderated, you can always Metamoderate.

To summarize: your AC posts are pointless attacks which serve no purpose other than to satisfy your desperate need for attention, and to lash out at the world from within your self-hatred and loathing. Your posts, which you use to assault others are the very definition of the word ``troll'', for they are pointless, abusive and bitter. There is no way of knowing why you do this. Yet for all the complaints you and the other ACs have against other Slashdot members, and against the Slashdot blog itself --the poor signal-to-noise ratio, the bloat, the difficulty reading the comments to the articles-- at the very heart of whatever is wrong, lies the posts that consist of flames and trolls. Trolls like you, AC.

And here you are, calling Sir Haxalot a troll, and probably because he said something that you didn't like! Well, everyone has a right to be wrong in their opinions, but nobody has a right to be wrong in their facts. Yours is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, so to speak, and if indeed Sir Haxalot is a karma whore, then taking the time and bandwidth to point this out with such intensity is simply pathetic. There are far worse things in this world; and if you don't like what he has to say--don't listen to him! There is a whole world out there of other people who's words you can read. Yet since you have such strong impulses to viciously assail Sir Haxalot with your constant bombardment of replies, it can only be concluded that you, dear AC, are the one who is wrong.

Nobody should be allowed to post anonymously. However, the Slashdot crew have their stated reasons why they still allow it to go on; and I can see it-- if for instance a ``whistleblower'' posts something that could get him or her into trouble with their boss, or some corporation that is engaging in unfair practices--this way, at least, there is a way to be able to get the message out without fear of unfair repercussions. This is probably the best reason for still allowing anonymous posting-- and NOT for sad little cowards to have a shield to hide behind while they hurl their invectives and babble nonsensically, or for them to expose their own personal problems for everyone to see, attacking anyone they want to try and hurt or defame, because they themselves are hurting inside.

Are you crying inside, AC? Was someone cruel to you, and now you wish to hurt everyone else, hate everyone else? Do your attempts to destroy the Slashdot community and set everyone against each other make you feel better? Are you afraid? Do the words of others make your blood boil? When you read the comments on Slashdot, does it make you so mad, that you pull your own hair, pound on your keyboard, bash your head against the wall? In your rage, do you go around smashing things? Do you have cuts and bruises on your hands from hitting the wall and breaking things?

You know what would really work: go outside and mash your balls on a rock. There now, doesn't that feel better? ;)

Below are some tips from the Slashdot FAQ which show some basic common-sense points for posting. They are good guidelines that hopefully will help, rather than hinder your vague attempts to communicate with others. You would do well to watch your own posting habits and not worry about how well others are posting.

10 tips for improving your Karma:

  • Post intelligently:
    Interesting, insightful, thought provoking comments are rated higher on a fairly consistent basis.
  • Post calmly:
    Nobody likes a flame war. In fact, more times than not the flamer gets burned much more than their target. "Flaim Bait" is hit quickly and consistently with "-1" by moderators. As the bumper sticker says... "Don't be a dick."
  • Post early:
    If an article has over a certain number of posts on it already yours is less likely to be moderated. This is, less likely both statistically (there are more to choose from) and due to positioning (as a moderator I have to actually find your post waaay at the end of a long list.)
  • Post often:
    If you only post once a month you can expect your karma to remain low. Also, lively discussion in an open forum is what makes Slashdot really "Rock the Casbah."
  • Stay on topic:
    Off topic posts are slapped quickly and consistently with "-1" by moderators.
  • Be original:
    Avoid being redundant and just repeating what has already been said. (Did I really just say that?) Yes, being moderated as "redundant" is worth "-1" to your post and your karma. Especially to be avoided are the "what he said" and "me too" posts.
  • Read it before you post:
    Does it say what you really want it to say? Check your own spelling and grammar. Occasionally, a perfectly beneficial post is passed over by moderators because of this completely irrelevant to content feature. This is also a good approach to checking yourself for what you're really saying. Can't tell you the number of times I've stopped myself from saying the opposite of what I meant by checking my own s&g.
  • Log in as a registered user:
    I know, this sounds obvious but, "Anonymous Coward" does not have a karma rating. You can't reap the perceived benefits of your own accidental brilliance if you post anonymously. Have pride in your work and take credit for it.
  • Read Slashdot regularly:
    You can't possibly contribute to the discussion if you're not in the room. Come to the party and play.

(From a post by dkh2).

These are points to consider for raising your karma, however they are also just a good idea all around. If you do not follow them, not only will you have poor karma, but nobody will like you either. Plus, if you insist on posting as an AC and being beligerent and abusive the way that you are, then you are a part of the problem; part of everything that is wrong with Slashdot. It is people like you that ruin it for everyone. You have no reason or excuse for complaining about anyone else!

Also, stop posting anonymously! Also, nobody should ever respond to the words of an AC -- in this, I would say that Sir Haxalot is at fault. One should never take the bait of a troll. In fact I am writing this with the intention of putting it in my journal: I consider it a writing exercise. It will only be used as a reply just this once, and there will be no further discussion, so don't reply to this unless you decide to post without clicking the ``Post Anonymously'' button.

User Journal

Journal Journal: This is a test of the Slashdot Journal System

This is to test and see what this "Slashdot Journal" thing is all about. I was given a choice of Journal topics for this to be classified under; it was set on "User Journal" and I suppose that that is as appropriate as any (I was wondering what topic a "test" should be considered).

I enabled comments; it should be interesting to see how that works (can I make comments on my own entries? If I disable comments, does that mean that I have to make a new entry in order to say anything about it?)

I'm not sure what use having a Slashdot Journal is; although I have been reading other people's journals, I do not see references to journals in the comments to various articles. It would seem the best use of a journal: to have a comment that is continued in the person's personal journal for discussion that goes on over a distinct detail, or that goes off-topic, perhaps (instead of making a bunch of posts of arguments between people that only get modded down).

One thing I noticed when I first started this post to my personal journal, is that it said this was going on my "permenent record" or something (I'd have to hit the back arrow to see exactly what it said, and I don't wish to do this because I'll lose all that I've typed so far! :) Does this mean that I can't delete an entry that I wish to take back, or that has grown obsolete? There is a link at the top of the page that says "Delete/Edit Entries". So does deleting an entry really delete that entry?

Well--this is about as much as I figure should be said for this test.

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