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Submission + - First Quad-Core Smartphone SoC Announced (

An anonymous reader writes: A superphone chip? Quite possibly. Reality? Not yet. Texas Instruments (TI) has announced a monstrous smartphone/tablet SoC with massive processing capability that has the potential to drive mobile computing deep into the 3D space. From the spec sheet: USB 3, real-time 2D/3D conversion in 1080p, up to 8 GB DDR, 24 MP digital camera support and a supported display resolution of 2560x2048.

Submission + - Oxford University tests universal flu vaccine (

dbune writes: A universal flu vaccine has been tested by scientists at Oxford University. The immunization could provide protection against all known strains of the flu, which will protect billions more against the flu virus. The vaccine hits a different part of the flu virus and does away with costly yearly re...
The Military

Submission + - Pentagon to Cut Spending by Another $78 Billion

Hugh Pickens writes: "The Washington Post reports that Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the Pentagon will have to cut spending by another $78 billion over the next five years, a reminder that the US military will not remain exempt from painful austerity measures that federal lawmakers say will be necessary to control the soaring national debt. Gates says he hopes that "what had been a culture of endless money . . . will become a culture of savings and restraint" at the Defense Department. Gates says the armed services have already successfully carried out a directive he issued in May to squeeze $100 billion in savings over the next five years by eliminating low-priority programs, thinning command structures and reducing overhead at the Pentagon but says the fiscal realities facing the federal government led the Obama administration to order cuts of an additional $78 billion from its long-term spending plan. "We must come to realize that not every defense program is necessary, not every defense dollar is sacred or well-spent, and more of everything is simply not sustainable," says Gates."

With Better Sharing of Intel Comes Danger 287

Hugh Pickens writes "Ellen Nakashima writes in the Washington Post that after the intelligence community came under heavy criticism after 9/11 for having failed to share data, officials sought to make it easier for various agencies to share sensitive information giving intelligence analysts wider access to government secrets but WikiLeaks has proved that there's a downside to better information-sharing. To prevent further breaches, the Pentagon has ordered that a feature that allows material to be copied onto thumb drives or other removable devices be disabled on its classified computer systems and will limit the number of classified systems from which material can be transferred to unclassified systems, as well as require that two people be involved in moving data from classified to unclassified systems. The bottom line is that recent leaks 'have blown a hole' in the framework by which governments guard their secrets. According to British journalist Simon Jenkins 'words on paper can be made secure, electronic archives not.'"

Submission + - Feds, allies bust Botnet

oxide7 writes: The FBI, partnering with the Slovenian Criminal Police and the Spanish Guardia Civil, announced Wednesday the arrest of the creator of the Mariposa Botnet, a criminal Internet enterprise. This case is significant because it targeted not only the operators of the botnet but also the creator of the malicious software that was used to build and operate it, officials said. "In the last two years, the software used to create the Mariposa botnet was sold to hundreds of other criminals, making it one of the most notorious in the world," FBI Director Robert S. Mueller said

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