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Comment Re:eBay just as bad (Score 1) 191

Actually, eBay reversed a clothing sale that my wife made of a legitimate product (bought at a yard sale at a very rich person's house, so almost certainly real and she checked 17 ways online to confirm.

It didn't matter, eBay told the buyer to destroy it (she didn't because we found her "destruction" photo on Google reverse image search), refunded the buyer the money and gave my wife a strike about selling counterfeit products.

Comment Re:It's simple (Score 1) 99

All 4 of my S5's have had thermal issues with the original lithium ion batteries. Thankfully, it was removable and replacements were $12 each, so I just replaced them. They all still work great.

But, to add to the grandparent, PHONES GET DROPPED. Expansion/contraction probably has little to do with the problem.

Comment Re:I think these predictions are questionable .... (Score 1) 272

The problem for those laid off is that there's too many people in similar situations chasing after the same few job openings

But this just isn't true. Every company is saying there's nobody to hire. I did hiring at my last company and it took us a year to find a competent person. And I chat with the techs hiring at my new company, and they just can't find anyone to hire. They are knocking it out of the park with 2-3 new people a week, but the number of people they want is increasing much faster than that.

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