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Comment Re:Don't bother - the money is poor and weather sh (Score 1) 195

Cost of living in NZ is quite reasonable.

Said no one, ever. My distant cousin is the nearly the top surgeon in the country and didn't want to eat out because it's "too expensive". And while they had a nice house, it wasn't anywhere near what I would expect from the top surgeon in a US state.

Comment Re:Same (Score 1) 1001

I was asked how I would make a linked list with pointers in C# by a bank I was interviewing for. I was like, "I wouldn't. I would use a generic List or Dictionary or Hashtable." He then said, "Well, what if you absolutely needed to?" I said, "Well, then I would use the built-in LinkedList and Queue and Stack." "They have those in C#?" "Yes, yes they do." I knew then instantly that while they still wanted me, I didn't want to work for a guy stuck in the 1980s.

Comment Re:I could not agree more (Score 1) 1001

At my current job, the reviewer asked me how I would implement a Graphics Fill algorithm. I said, "I wouldn't. I would call the Windows API because that's already written and tested and would get done in hardware."

He was actually surprised that Fill is in hardware. Anyway, I still wrote the algorithm anyway, but I think he was really pleased with the answer because it showed how I thought about the problem.

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