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Comment Re:most of those reasons have in common (Score 1) 249

Not at all. It's just that some content is extremely difficult to get without paying 10× what it's worth.

If you watch hockey, there are local games on Fox Sports (at least $100 per month) and national games on NBCSN, which is usually only available on a higher cable tier to the tune of $125+/month. But there's only ONE game per month on NBCSN. I'm not paying $25 to watch a single hockey game at home. That's ludicrous. And the other option is to get the NHL package and pay them directly. Oops, NBCSN games aren't on there unless you are overseas. And your local market is blocked too.

So, the realistic options are:

1. Pay for the NHL package and use a service to pretend to be overseas. See? I don't mind paying $20 a month for hockey (about 10 games). That's more than I pay for any other service as a cord-cutter. This is what I am actually doing right now. Plus I am paying $5 a month for a Smart DNS service.

2. Watch for free on /r/NHLStreams.

Piracy of one form or another are the only realistic options when a company prices their product out of the stratosphere. And, even though I have a "free" option, I choose to pay, because I do want to support it, but not get ripped off blind.

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