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Comment Re: HGere's a crazy idea (Score 1) 123

Even if you managed to get some idea for a plane that flew without all that security past the objections that you'd face

It's called general aviation. Get your own pilot's license and buy your own plane. Don't carry paying passengers and you can carry anything you are allowed to legally possess.

Comment Re:Change how tickets are sold (Score 1) 213

It's still possible for middlemen to game the system. If the demand for tickets (and the price people are willing to pay) rises as the concert date approaches, people will figure out a way to profit from that. Ban bots? People will figure out a way to have boiler rooms in India (cheap labor) buy tickets.

The only way to get the profit from the time value of the ticket returned to the event producer and/or performer would be a system like airline tickets. Instead of being a bearer instrument (redeemable by anyone carrying the ticket), they would have to be assigned to an individual. Pretty soon, identification would be required and some phony security theater excuse generated to ensure that this would be enforced.

No thanks.

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