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Comment No value in the minerals ... (Score 1) 300

... lots in the science.

Right now, we don't have a very good idea of the exact composition of Earth's core. If this asteroid is a chunk of planetary core, a few tests and samples could tel us quite a lot about how our own planet works. This includes data related to planetary magnetic field generation, radioactive decay heat production, etc. This sort of data can tell us a lot about things like why Mars is dead while the Earth supports life. And we can extend this knowledge to assist in the search for life-supporting planets elsewhere.

Comment Re:Saving the world with a Tax. (Score 1) 278

The problems with taxes are: First, governments become addicted to them as a revenue source. Second, businesses (particularly utilities) just pass the tax on to their customers. Plus, they make a profit on this pass-through as well. Third, the tax exempt businesses just end up being less efficient. And when they finally drive their non-tax exempt out of business and their tax advantage disappears, often they go out of business as well.

By far, the worst thing about taxes is the government addiction to them. You don't want to drive an electric or hybrid car in the 'progressive' states that first encouraged them. Because now, they are falling over themselves trying to squeeze a 'fair share' of revenue out of cars not paying at the pump. Taxes: GibsMeDat on a government level.

Comment Re:May not be as bad as the clickbaity headline sa (Score 1, Informative) 284

the county is likely within its power to seize the plots

I don't know how Hawaiian law works. But in my state (WA), unclaimed property is protected forever. Counties (and other parties) might be able to file a lien for fees, taxes and other obligations owed. But I don't think they can just 'take it away'.

and sell them to cover the costs

What costs? For unimproved land with no services, the cost to the county is zero. Even then, once the property owner is identified, they have the right (at least in my state) to make good on back taxes and fees.

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 4, Interesting) 311

White-shoe management consulting firms exclusively hire from the elite universities, .... going from being a broke college student to making $250K a year is a big change.

What is this 'broke college student' you speak of? The elites are a bunch of drunken frat boys with daddy's American Express Centurion credit card.

It comes down to value for the hiring organization once you get out of school. Consultancies and investment banks value the networking connections that elite college graduates bring with them. Because these businesses add very little actual value to their product, other than the stamp of approval of their name on otherwise obvious advice. Businesses that are more value added tend not to hire from elite colleges as much. Because the cost of these graduates doesn't make up for the small (if any) increase in their productivity.

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