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Comment Re:No thanks (Score 1) 375

Even when it becomes mandated

People will figure out how to stick a paper clip in the enable solenoid and keep the action unlocked at all times. So we will have spent an extra $1K for something that many gun owners and most certainly the entire arms black market* will have rendered useless.

*Outlaw tampering? Stealing guns and selling them out of the trunk of your car was illegal to begin with. How well did that law work out?

Comment Re:Several possibilities (Score 1) 88

every other nation and competitor would be filling US server rooms with "FBI don't touch" hardware

TFS stated that Yahoo was (apparently) requested to install 'custom software'. So, no hardware warning labels to see.

Security in any corporation would usually have a few former gov workers.

An idea promulgated by the Union of Federal Employees Seeking Additional Income Following Retirement (UFESAIFR).

Comment Re:Time Warner is NOT Time Warner Cable (Score 1) 60

So they spun it off.

So getting saddled with another capital and debt laden division now is a good idea why? If TWC was a stinker, then it stand to reason the AT&T will be a stinker as well. Unless it turns out that not being affiliated with a carrier is harmful to a content provider's business model. Like our network will carry your content only if your network carries our content. Sounds like mob bosses divvying up territory.

Comment Common Carrier (Score 1) 60

OK, allow the purchase to take place. But then apply the FCC's authority over common carriers to the entire entity. Because nobody can be expected to pry apart the (necessarily proprietary) entanglements, cross division subsidies and preferential pricing deals that the separate parts can engage in.

Time Warner, you want a federal regulator crawling around in the studio system (as close to organized crime as this country permits to exist)? Have fun.

Comment Re:Time Warner is NOT Time Warner Cable (Score 1) 60

Warner Bros content

No problem. AT&T just needs to spin off their broadband, cellular and telecom operations. And then they can become a content provider.

I think this was behind the split between Time Warner (Warner Bros) studios and Time Warner cable. some years ago. To avoid antitrust problems. And those reasons should still be valid.

Comment Re:Reason (Score 2) 105

Everyone wants your phone number so that they can link the account in their database to other information that contains your phone number.


I wrote a check the other day (with no phone # pre-printed) and the clerk asked for one to write down. I decided to run a test and said, "No phone." He asked, "What?!" I replied, "I don't have a phone." He looked like he was going to shit himself, but accepted the check anyway.

Phone numbers accepted in this manner have little to do with security or identity verification. By the time the number is exposed as a fake, the thief is out the door with the goods. And if it was actually me that bounced a check, my bank handles it. And not by phone.

Also, the telcos have been raped so many times by the feds and law enforcement that when they ask for subscriber data, they just hand it over, close their eyes and play dead. As a result, accessing any account data the telcos have on you is trivially easy for anyone from private detectives to foreign intelligence services.

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