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Comment Re: Frog wanker (Score 1) 380

She is a writer responsible for communications.

A writer AT Oak Ridge. Which means she probably quoted the jargon in use at ORNL by it's scientists pretty accurately. It's not like she is a general media reporter that just came in and screwed something up.

Anecdote: I used to work in an aviation electrical power systems group when I was a fresh-faced kid out of college. We were producing a specification for the digital controls for an aircraft electrical system. The spec (which I was reading) didn't use the conventions that many control systems engineers used when defining PID software. When I asked about this, one of my older colleagues pointed out that this was a convention peculiar to power systems. And although it risked greater errors at the coding level (getting plus and minus signs reversed with the result of an unstable system), future power system people understood it and it would make their job of reading the systems block diagrams easier. And the other reason for staying with this odd convention: It weeded out the software developers who were more likely to have a hissy fit if things didn't go their way. In the end, we hired a really smart and capable Vietnamese CS guy who did an excellent job on the controller s/w.

The lesson I took away from this was that there is really no great mystery why the USA is full of basement dwelling sperglords who can code but can't get along in broader industries while those businesses are busy importing H-1B workers.

Comment Re:Misjargonization (Score 0) 380

If you don't know even the basics of an industry's terminology

It's their industry and their terminology. Don't like it? Go write software for someone else. It might be an archaic term, but they've been in the business for a lot longer than you have (or you would have recognized the terminology).

Comment Re: Frog wanker (Score 0) 380

Careful there. Referring to software and applications as 'codes' is common in many industries (example "here). People that use such terminology are of much higher than average intelligence. And your mocking their industries' use of jargon will expose you as a basement hacker that hasn't been out in the world talking to actual users.

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