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Comment Re:Fire the management that pulled VR support (Score 1) 604

But here's the thing, Insomniac and Polytron management: your job is to make money for the investors of your company, not to use them as some political tool because you disagree with the politics of one of the employees of Oculus. Period.

And a large part of that job is to maintain a staff of key people who can do the work needed to make this profit. So if enough people threaten to walk, management may have to appease them.

Can Oculus Rift survive without Luckey? Probably. Can they survive without the support of the developers that are threatening to drop support? Maybe. So it will be an interesting standoff.

Comment Re:I don't see the problem (Score 1) 253

sales tax

I was thinking more along the lines of business and income taxes. On the other hand, if Tesla sells a car and the customer takes possession in Ohio with Ohio plates, its up to them to settle up sales taxes with Michigan when they drive it home and pick up Michigan plates. At which time, it's a used car and value-based taxes would be worth less.

Comment I don't see the problem (Score 1) 253

Tesla sells through its web site. It can sell to Michigan customers without having to set foot in that state*. Or pay taxes there either.

*Run the in-state Tesla maintenance shops as subsidiaries, so the manufacturer has no physical presence there.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 5, Funny) 167

These two racehorses were standing in their stable. The first one said, "I've been in 18 races and won 16." The second one said, "That's nothing. I've been in 28 races and won 25." At this point, a greyhound dog walks by, and overhearing the horses, says "I've been in 48 races and won every one of them!"

One horse looks at the other and says, "That's amazing! A talking dog!"

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