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Comment Re:the CO2 improvements are minor at best (Score 1) 57

Why put up with extra NOx

Why indeed. NOx limits were crafted to kill off high performance engines (high efficiency, high power output per liter of fuel, less HC, CO2) by the car haters. Why worry at all about NOx when the automobile sources are down in the noise level compared to background NOx levels?

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 106

I take it you have never worked in tech for any branch or part of the government.

I have. And it's OK until consultants and private contractors smell a profit opportunity. They undermine the gov't agency until it can neither do the work itself or properly oversee the contractors. Look at NASA (to a certain degree) and the FAA (completely pwned by industry).

Comment Probably not me (Score 2) 179

I have FiOS broadband only (not from Verizon). All I have is a 100Base-T cable from the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) on the outside of my house**. What that cable goes to is none of my provider's* business.

*Frontier. Actually a pretty decent company to work with. When I upgraded my defunct wireless broadband to their system, they 'stuck' me with a maintenance contract (couple of bucks a month added) but said I could cancel it once the system was up and running and I wouldn't be calling for support. So when I called to cancel it, the account sales person tried reading me all the reasons I should keep the add-on, like anti-virus, O/S support, etc. I just said, "I run Linux" and she said, "Never mind. You won't be needing all that support." Charge removed, no arguments.

**When the installer showed up and put in the ONT, he was getting ready to crawl up in my attic with their MOCA coax. I just handed him the Cat 5 cable (pulled right to the ONT location) and told him that would be all I'd be needing. He just plugged it in and left with a big grin (no crawling through the attic insulation that day).

Comment Re:I'm sure... (Score 1) 51

Obama's fault

Yes and no. ASN.1 predates his term in office. But his grant of retroactive immunity to the telecoms just perpetuates this sort of dirty dealing. A standards-making body might try to demand that participants declare their interests in patents or government espionage units. But if they have a 'get out of jail free' card from him, they can say or hide anything they want.

Comment Re:UBI suffers from the same problem as student lo (Score 1) 1124

Same thing happened when Seattle adopted the $15/hour minimum wage. Prices (particularly rent) jumped, since the market saw the the potential increased demand. Funny thing: The $15/hour wage hasn't actually kicked in yet, so some people working at the same old low wage rates are now living under the freeway in tents.

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