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Comment Re:Presumption of Innocence... (Score 1) 37

Actually, I can presume anything I want about anyone I want. I just can't act on it. That's when the evidence has to be presented to a court (usually via law enforcement authorities, but that's not a hard and fast rule). The court can then issue warrants, if they believe the evidence constitutes sufficient justification for further investigation or arrest.

I have security cameras on the front of my house. They snap pictures of everything that passes in front of them. Should a burglary of my house or the neighbors occur, it is quite reasonable that the police/courts will base further action upon the stored video that might reasonably be related to the crime. Same idea with the iPhone.

Comment Re:Wrapper, not replacement (Score 1) 538

I'm curious (and a bit hopeful) to see whether systemd can provide the necessary functionality without extensive custom scripting.

For systemd to properly handle all of the possible use cases and oddball installations that current init systems handle now, it will essentially become another shell with it's own interpreted language. And after all the screaming and yelling is done, we'll be right back where we started. Except with one more screw-ball language.

Comment Re:Wrapper, not replacement (Score 1) 538

they can't design/write/test everything at once.

That's why *NIX environments are made up of a bunch of smaller components that do one thing each. And why systemd is garbage. Just try designing, writing and testing that one single object with such a large number of inputs, outputs and configuration options. And make sure that one setting doesn't break something else that logically should be unrelated. Pretty soon you've just got Windows.

Comment Re:Wrapper, not replacement (Score 2) 538

Just a wrapper around mount. I don't have a problem with that. What does bother me is that Lennart and company have only figured out this late in the init game that mounting is something that we need done. Great. Go for it. You've still got a dozen or so other things that need to be handled (which scripts have been doing for ages). We will sit back in amusement and watch as you find yet another function that you've forgotten about. And rush to build yet another wheel or lever into your Rube Goldberg contraption.

Comment Re:So long as we're trying such elaborate measures (Score 1) 191

they should allow law-abiding citizens to do it themselves

I support the right of people to bear arms. That said; most of the violence in Chicago is gang vs gang. And from their point of view, they are protecting their neighborhood or favorite dealing street corner from their rivals. Things that they value as much as you value your family and home. It's a culture thing, and until you can change that and give these people something worthwhile (in our eyes) to defend, things will keep going on as they are.

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