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Comment Re:The proof is not in the pudding (Score 2) 122

I'm not much of a grammar Nazi, but I'm seeing this error everywhere now and I'm afraid it'll become the norm. The saying is, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating," which makes a lot more sense when you think about it.

Too late. It originated in the 20's and became common in the 50's.

Comment Re: it is just replacement camera components (Score 1) 68

it is just replacement camera components that are on offer, not replacement iPhones.

How do they admit that they have a serious problem with a device manufactured less than a year ago and then not do all that they can to back up customers who spent a small fortune on the devices? Not everyone lives in LA and can go walk in to an Apple store (even if the stores are able to fix the phone while you wait, which is not a certain thing). Being without a phone for six to eight weeks is not a viable option, and certainly not a viable option for am expensive device that may have a viable life of a year to 18 months before Apple tells the sheep it it time to line up and buy the next one.

Everything you said has already been debunked so I'll simply add this: For an issue with a previous generation iPhone Apple offered to cross-ship a replacement phone to me. idk if they'll do it for this issue as I didn't ask but my expectations are that wasn't a special offer just for me.

Comment Re:May I guess how it works? (Score 5, Informative) 68

You send in your phone and in 6-8 weeks you get it back.

What do you mean "how you should make calls in the meantime", what happened to your iPhone 5?

You could not have guess more wrongly.

I just got off a chat with support. The phones are fixed on site. If they cannot, the phone is shipped and a loner is provided. When I started the chat the first thing they asked was if I had the iSight issue. Then while chatting it turns out that he is in a suburb of the town I live in so we chatted about that while we was doing his thing. I complain about the things Apple does wrong. I've found that Customer Support is typically not one of them.

Comment Re:Translations (Score 1) 394

ITs time to stop coddling these people. WE are neck deep into an Information Age. ITs time to let those that cant live in our new environment die out. Im DONE coddling users. Keep the pace or be left behind. Too much of computing is getting dumbed down and locked up because idiots wont take courses on how to actually operate a computer.

We hired a guy that thinks like you. His previous organization IT told the users what they could and couldn't do. That company decided to get rid of their IT department. He brought that philosophy to our company and to the administrative assistant of some c-level executives. He's no longer with our company. See the trend? Do you know Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy? I think you two would get along.

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