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Comment Re:Concorde (Score 1) 365

As a former resident of 42, Foxhill Road, Reading, RG1 5QS, UK, let me tell you that the roar of your Concorde's engines would regularly stop cricket play at the University of Reading. You insensitive clod.


Submission + - Japan launches an aircraft carrier (

PHAEDRU5 writes: "'The Japanese Navy — officially the Maritime Self-Defense Force — has launched an "aircraft carrier." At least the Hyuga, launched at Yokohama on August 23, looks like an aircraft carrier — she has a flush flight deck and a large, starboard-side island structure...The Hyuga, the largest warship constructed in Japan since World War II, is considered by some observers to be the first step toward the development of a large aircraft carrier.'

Japan's back in the power-projection business."


Submission + - Space suit fashion

PHAEDRU5 writes: "If fashion designers are doing space suits, can actual space travel be far behind? Here's the scoop."

Submission + - New Phytoplankton Model May Revise Warming Estimat

PHAEDRU5 writes: Everything you know about Global Warming (tm) could be wrong.

Global climate models are missing a good chunk of plant information that could significantly alter long-term climate change predictions. A new technique for modeling phytoplankton — microscopic plants in the upper layers of the Earth's waters — could reveal a much more accurate picture.

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