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Submission + - Amazon now has album downloader for GNU/Linux

PARENA writes: "Amazon finished their work on their MP3 Downloader for Linux users. This is needed to download complete albums instead of doing that song by song. The site shows some distributions at the System Requirements, next to Windows and Mac OS X. It comes in 4 flavours: Debian 4 Etch, Fedora 8, Open SUSE 10.3, and Unbuntu 7.10 Gutsy (er: Ubuntu, Amazon). Works for a lot of us, but a Mandriva RPM would be nice. boost, libboost and gtkmm are the main requirements, but the Fedora and Suse RPM's really do not seem to work on other distributions, like Mandriva. Possibly better results with distributions based on Fedora and Suse. For the lucky ones that run a supported distro, they can start buying albums from Amazon."

Submission + - Firefox keeps winning terrain in Europe

PARENA writes: "French researcher Xiti claims that Mozilla Firefox keeps winning terrain in Europe. Almost 25% of internet users in Europe uses Firefox. Slovenia (44.5%), Finland (41.3%), Croatia (36.5%) and Germany (36.2%) lead the way, followed by a group of mostly Eastern European countries. Remarkably, The Netherlands is only at 13.3%, right before Andorra. The rest of the world (except Oceania) is behind Europe, with 11.9% to 15.1%."

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