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Comment Re:Intolerable! (Score 1) 298

The sad thing is that they're willing to pay a whole extra fucking person to sit and monitor remote employees. I bet that doesn't eat into the cost savings realized by making people afraid to goof off for a few minutes.

Comment Re:Webcams too (Score 1) 298

Management consultant: Someone that knows 100 ways to make love, but doesn't know any women.

After the end of the Mayan calendar, I'm hoping it's the middle managers groveling while people with actual skills are finally able to enjoy their lives.

Comment Re:You are at work... (Score 1) 298

One thing I learned when dealing with a former employer that had me on as contract labor is that if they're not paying your payroll taxes, they don't have much say over when and how you work. I'm sure there are provisions for those doing, for example, tech support, that they have to be there at certain times and so on; but one of the qualifiers for contractors is that the "employer" is really not supposed to be setting hours and micromanaging. If you're billing by the hour, of course, you should be able to demonstrate that you did put in those hours, even if they were at night after you goofed off all day.

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