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Comment Re:Replicated Studies (Score 1) 558

Didn't they recently say that many scientific papers/studies cannot be replicated? I've also heard that many of the global warming studies don't include the solar cycles the sun goes through as well.

I also heard that the reason Trump won't release his taxes is because it will reveal his donations to NAMBLA.

It's amazing what you can hear if you don't care about truth or nominating the source of where you heard it,

Comment Re:And What Will Come of It? (Score 4, Informative) 99

but there is nothing intrinsically different about police officers that makes them honest.
You mean other than their training?

Just as a counterpoint to your example.

1. Officer Sherry Hall from Georgia who claimed that a black guy shot her. Who has now been charged with fabricating that story as well as various other offenses.
2. Officer Jason Stockley from St Louis kills guy then plants gun on him.
3. Officer Mark Wayne Rowe from VA Beach stealing gun bags from the evidence room
4. Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputy Wayne Wagner beats up on a woman and then accuses her of battery of him.
etc etc

So yeah, right. Training.

But what is non-sensical is (former) Officer Stephen Mader from Weirton Wha who was basically fired because he didn't shoot a suicidal man with a gun. Mader who is a former Marine had surveyed the situation, decided that the man in question was not really a threat and was trying to talk him down. Two other officers arrived, decided that the guy was dangerous and shot him dead. Mader was fired because his actions put the other officers at risk. Oh yeah, the gun was unloaded.

Comment So what's the story? (Score 1) 77

It seems to be:

Person P stops doing work for Company A and starts working at Company B. Management at Company A has no clue. When they figure it out they see that the work Person P did for them was not related/influenced by Person P's relationship with Company B

What is the news in that story that requires a 400 word summary?

Comment Re:OMG (Score 3, Informative) 163

where would the oxygen come from?

Please tell me you're kidding. Did you sleep through plant biology in high school?


You seem to be deaf to that whooshing sound above your head. But, hey .. let's parse it it out anyway.

In photosynthesis we basically have CO2 + 2H2O + photons => [CH2O] + O2 + H2O

Do you notice that there is the same number of O's on both sides of the equation? That means that no O was created in the process, which means your derision about the OP is unfounded as photosynthesis does not create O2, it merely frees O2. EG all the O we need and use already exists in the world.

Thus the OP was correct in stating that levels of O can only go down and not up, as the only place you can normally create new O is in the center of a star. But O could potentially escape into space (as I believe that He does)

The trap you fell for was that TFA is talking about the shifting of O trapped/released from various sources within the Earth's environment as a closed system, whereas the OP was implying O exfiltrating from the Earth. So Apples and Oranges.

All in all it was a pretty good troll. Factually correct, with a huge dose of easily over-looked assumption.

Comment Re:If Trump wins... (Score 0) 122

The niggers were not looting with GB was president.

I'd like to introduce you to Rodney King. He lived in a place called Los Angeles at the time GB was president.

Oh, what's that? You're so young that you didn't know that there have been two presidents named GB?

Comment Re:I want to borrow the court's microscope... (Score 1) 422

...because, no matter how closely I scrutinize the text of the First Amendment, I can't find this "national security" exclusion they're talking about.

Too right. And when I sell goods/services/information to North Korea or Iran, I should be allowed to do so because it's an expression of my free speech, because I don't see ITAR mentioned in the constitution either.

Comment Re:It can't come soon enough... (Score 1) 239

So all this happened within a second or two? Because that's typically how long it takes for everything to go from perfectly fine to everything is fucked in a car accident.

There is a difference between a safety system operating instantaneously and a manual transition from autonomous to manual control. The person I was responding to seemed to be describing the latter.

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