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Comment My fear (Score 1) 1385

First allow me to say that I would *love* some form of rail transit. Where I live in Indianapolis is on the complete opposite side of town from most IT work, and it would be great to not have to maintain a car just for the "privilege" of driving to and from work every day. I'm not 100% certain that this initiative is going to do anything to alleviate that pain, but, for the sake of argument, I'll assume it is.

What scares me, though, is that this is going to end up being a big mess. Even if it does attempt to address the needs of, say, 50% of all people, I'm wary this will turn into some complete money sinkhole. I hope that, in the end, we don't end up with an overbudget, overdue, and mostly working system that far less people end up using than expected.

Comment Re:Intel video drivers suck! (Score 1) 239

What Intel chipset are you using? I have a laptop (Vostro 1700) with X3100, and I have Compiz enabled with lots of shiny effects. Thus far I have seen no such lockups or slowdowns. In fact, I was quite pleased (and surprised) with the speed both in the visual effects and in 3D games like Sauerbraten.

Comment Re:I think I speak for everyone (Score 3, Interesting) 319

If not, they need to be replaced with people who will.

I'm a computer guy with only a basic understanding of government... but doesn't the President replace the judges? If he wants to wield that much power over peoples' rights, won't he just put more justices up there that support his power grabs?

Also, I'm pretty sure the only way they get replaced is if they step down or... you know... die. I highly doubt they'll care about "getting replaced" in either of those situations.

How lovely.

Comment Re:The problem... (Score 3, Insightful) 192

I agree with what you say. The ads on Hulu really don't bother me. They are almost all under 30 seconds (with that latest Fedex one being around 8 seconds) and none are very annoying or intrusive. And, as you say, I want online TV to succeed.

The problem is, though, if this is truly successful, won't we start seeing longer, more obnoxious commercial spans in Hulu? At that point, it becomes just as bothersome as watching the show on broadcast TV. Also, how do you account for local advertising?


Inside Factory China 135

blackbearnh writes "While China is attempting to pull its industry up out of mere manufacturing mode, for now the country is the production workhorse of the consumer electronics industry. Almost anything you pick up at a Best Buy first breathed life across the Pacific Ocean. But what is it like to shepherd a product through the design and production process? Andrew 'bunnie' Huang has done just that with the Chumby, a new Internet appliance. In an interview with O'Reilly Radar, he talks about the logistical and moral issues involved with manufacturing in China, as well as his take on the consumer's right to hack the hardware they purchase."

Microsoft To Open Retail Stores 535

chaz373 writes "CNET reports that Microsoft is going retail. In the 'Beyond Binary' blog Ina Fried reports, 'After years of brushing off the notion, Microsoft said on Thursday that it will open up its own line of retail stores. Without detailing the plans, Microsoft said it has hired David Porter, a 25-year Wal-Mart veteran, to lead the effort. Sources say that Porter's mission will be to develop the company's retail plans and that the effort is likely to start small with just a few locations.'"

Comment Re:Cable is quickly becoming too expensive (Score 1) 379

I recently came to this realization myself. We have AT&T's U-Verse "service," and it costs us about $85/month. The basic landline phone is another $40. I built two MythTV boxes, bought some cheap Pinnacle USB HDTV Sticks (800se, they were $29.99 on, and we should be getting rid of AT&T services in the next few weeks.

Apart from a few annoyances with setup (getting dvb drivers working with these HDTV sticks, antenna issues) things are going very well thus far.

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