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Comment Re:Are we now linking contentless articles? (Score 1) 217

That's because it's in a form that does not allow for the rapid release of electrical power. This will be in a form that is specifically designed to release power, or it's going to be pretty useless as a high capacity/high draw battery.

You might say the same about gasoline - you can spill it, but it's certainly not "safe." And if it should spill while actively producing power (aka on fire), it's going to get messy really fast.

Comment Are we now linking contentless articles? (Score 1, Offtopic) 217

Anything that doesn't have enough energy to go boom if the contents are spilled/mixed/come in contact while charged won't have enough energy to power whatever portable device I'm likely to be using. I would check to see that the energy density is low, but there isn't a single link to the actual research in the article, nor to even the researchers name, just "Harvard Researchers." This article would get a failing grade in a 3th grade science fair. It's no wonder people believe lies when you can just post anything in an article on the internet and not bother with even a single source.

Comment Re:He should not have had a NASA phone in Chile (Score 1) 626

True (well, I suppose - I never did international travel with NASA when I was there), but JPL is not NASA - it is a government contractor. Note that Sidd Bikkannavar was not identified as a government employee working for NASA, but rather that he worked at JPL. The only people NASA has in Pasadena are, essentially, contract managers. All the work is done by Cal Tech and outside contractors, if I remember my contracts correctly. The line is very blurred there from a public perspective, but from a contract one it is clear. It may have been NASA hardware, or it may have been CalTech hardware, or it may be hardware of another contractor.

It does make me wonder if Android should add a "PIN to Wipe" to their "PIN to Unlock" screen.

Comment Re:PayPal is not as good as other payment methods (Score 2) 141

All forms of payment cost money. Ever tried to deposit $50k at a national bank account? Fee. Have more than X number of checks per month. Fee.

CC fees are more, no doubt. BUT, for the consumer, having an intermediary like a CC is an enormous level should anything go wrong with the transaction. It's almost a mini-escow transaction, but where the buyer has an unfair advantage in the initial mediation - aka a chargeback. If it's a transaction worth more than $100 or so, there is almost no way I'll be paying with cash, except where it's a service or good covered by some other means of protection. You may be a great vendor, just as I think I'm also a great vendor (and I grudgingly take CC, too), but there are way too many shysters out there these days.

Comment A standalone watch *is* the killer app (Score 1) 40

I was kind of jazzed about the LG Urbane and its stand-alone LTE capabilities, but it never really materialized. I would much rather ditch my monolith phone in favor of a watch. Add connectivity to automotive head units (Android Auto) and better and better speech recognition and the number of applications requiring a slab phone is reduced. If I could get two days of life from a watch while having it paired (even just BT) with my tablet, it would be suffice ~98% of the time for all my needs. Let me usb tether (power & data to my tablet) for high intensity work and I might never need a handheld phone again.

Comment Hi, I was a scientist at Buzzfeed (Score 5, Informative) 156

How, as an editor for a tech site, do you hire someone who can't even recognize a total goof in the summary intro? The PRESSURE at the surface of Venus is 90x that of earth.

I'd understand if you had one or two editors posting hundreds of stories a day - one might slip through. But you're barely posting one story an hour to the front page. How do you fuck that up?

Comment Re:Too much Delta-V (Score 2) 123

>this is always going to cost a LOT more than ground transportation- for fuel costs alone

I don't care. I'm not sure the commute angle is going to be practical in the near future for all the noise, congestion, and safe/available VTOL locations, but I'd sure as shit drop $100k right now if I could by a vehicle that could navigate normal roads/act as a "regular car" and also fly me between general aviation strips with a 250-300 mile range, even if it meant the equivalent of 10-12MPG on road fuel. That's half the range of a little Cessna, and probably similar efficiency (accounting for road fuel cost vs aviation fuel). I live in the middle of nowhere, and cutting my time to destination in half (or better, given none of the roads around me are straight) would be worth it.

Of course, these beasts are more likely to run in the small-jet class, with a starting price in the $2M price range and get the (cost) equivalent of 2-4MPG so my checking account is probably safe for a while.

Comment Re:They don't understand cord-cutters (Score 1) 108

Depends. Comcast is the ONLY high speed internet provider to my house. I can pay $100/mo for their 75Mb internet, or $90/mo for their 75Mb internet and the basic digital cable channels (except for the 13th month of service, where I have to be off their current "promotion" for 30 days before I can get back on). But it's $10 extra per cable box. and another $10 extra if you want that service in HD. So we have a single SD link on the TV my wife watches. If I can pay $87.50 for all of that and just plug in the handful of Rokus I've gotten for free over the years (and maybe even get HD), I'm in.

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