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Comment Re:who knew (Score 1) 218

lol just move closer you say

listen I am not moving closer to an industrial wasteland city packed with assholes just so I can ride my bike to work, I can do that out in the open air where I live, which I do

but apparently you think I must uproot my entire life JUST to ride a dumbshit bike to work, why? so I can be one of the trendy people living in a 100 sq foot rabbit cage and showing up to work smelling of sweaty asshole and armpit, 20 min late?

there's a reason people hate cyclist, you have shown just a brief glimpse of why

Comment do it right (Score 1) 140

no successful company has been founded in some shabby ass garage, you need...

a trendy office about 1/3 larger than you need in the most expensive part of your nearest large city
lavish furniture, course dont buy any of it, use credit as much as possible
the highest tech bleeding edge supercomputer laptop's
the biggest ass UHD TV screens you can fit on every wall
a indoor water feature
and a small army of young marketing people, in fact 2 more than your entire software team, you are going to need them to sell your startup to someone else cause otherwise you dont seem to have any idea's or products, otherwise people would already be giving you money.

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