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Comment Re:Downgrading to Windows 7 (Score -1, Flamebait) 280

my (4 year old quad core AMD) cpu is running 14% streaming HD from comcast, and typing this, yet another fucktard making up issues, here's a hint ... dont use the realtek WIFI monitoring program and everyfuckingthing else you get from driverguide's download client



Comment depends (Score 2) 343

on how far down the rope you want to go

if you want to learn the core original idea's of modern programming as some academic / archaeological adventure, yes small talk has a lot to offer as its a very influential language

if you think you are going to magically going to get 100x better at C# or java just by reading some generic summaries of how it works, then no you will not benifit in any such way ... cause the best of such an old language has already been extracted and implemented decades before hand and you already us it

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 55

pretty much the same thing on your drivers licence that you flash to random people all the time whenever you want to buy hooch, tobacco, enter a club, get pulled over for speeding, or enter a titty bar

for pretty much the same reason's, to make sure stephen didnt swap photo's from leon's ID (course nowdays its much harder, but even 20 years ago it required a razor blade and not much else) cause in the real world, it takes a bit more than a wink and a pinky swear to do such activities as produce and distrubuite items for human consumption dipshit

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