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Comment Re:9mm? (Score 1) 464

>As such when I carry I carry a little Kel-tec .380. Fire's the same projectile as the 9mm Luger (less power charge behind it though, but still decent energy delivery) but it fits nicely in my front pocket with no wardrobe adjustments.

I had that gun. I shot ballistic gel with it and the penetration was good.

Then I put a leather jacket in front of it. Penetration went down to 4 inches in 10% ballistic gel.

You should consider the kel-tec 9mm as a replacement option, and with all pocket pistols, use FMJ instead of JHP.

Comment Re:9mm? (Score 1) 464

Not really. My neighbor has a Serbu Super Shorty he wears in a CC rig (shoulder holster with ammo and handgun on the opposite side), and it is perfectly concealable.

The trick is to learn how to dress when carrying.

Comment Re:Alternative materials? (Score 1) 581

>Yet periodically we see attention whores showing up in Slashdot articles and crying that we will run out of uranium, a statement which is so obviously wrong that it is hard to explain by incompetence and bordering on the realm of malice.

The same people that write these articles write the same articles proclaiming we are running out of oil within ten years.

We've been running out of oil for over 100 years and running on that same prediction.

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