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Submission + - Amazon Kindle is trying to rip me off on my eBook 3

Orion Blastar writes: "I wrote an ebook back in March 2012 on Kindle. It is original and I started writing it in 2003. It is not the best writing and got a bad review.

But recently Amazon Kindle emailed me and said my ebook was not original and was available for free on the Internet. I published it to Kindle, Nook, and Lulu. It is original writing and a short story and not available for free on the Internet and nobody can lay claim to it but me. But why has Kindle targeted my ebook?

I heard other indie authors get targeted as well. America The Enslaved: The Neurochip is my original writing and the protagonist Orion Blastar I have written about since at least 2003. I had hoped to write a series of ebooks, but if Amazon Kindle deletes it, what can I do? My only crime is that I am not a very good writer, but this takes away my only source of income I can earn as I am disabled.

Any other Kindle book writers having this problem and what can be done for it?"

Submission + - Ask Slashdot how to write FOSS eBooks 1

Orion Blastar writes: "I am trying to learn how to write FOSS eBooks, I think I want the creative commons license, or should I pick a different one? I am using OpenOffice.Org and the export to PDF format. Should I export to other formats? ODT, RTF, etc? I think if most eBook readers have the ability to convert PDF files into their own native format I am in good shape. I did a test with two different PDF based FOSS eBooks on a Bit Torrent web site and got about 90+ downloads each but very little feedback on how to improve my writing, or any mistakes I made or anything at all. I am poor and on disability and needed a hobby. I am not going to make money off of this but trying to give back to the FOSS community and while I want to write fiction and humor I also want to write eBooks on programming and other stuff.

Most web sites I went to in order to get feedback have turned into web sites that trolls control and instead of creative critisism and suggestions and tips on how to improve I get trolled instead. A few members of those web sites sent me email that I type too long and also type over the heads of the readers and use words and phrases and ideas and concepts they don't understand so they troll me for it.

I was going to use Legal Torrents but it turned into ClearBytes and allows free downloads but in order to upload I need to pay a subscription for membership. Why is that? If that is the case I got small business publishers that can publish my eBook into a paper back for the same price and then distribute it for me. So I picked a Bit Torrent web site that is mostly pirated stuff, and did get some feedback and am trying to work on a 1.1 version of the eBook following advice from those nice enough to post or send me email on it. But since my eBook had the CC license and is a FOSS eBook it is 100% legal and free to download. I left my email in it to have others contact me.

Is there a better way to learn how to write eBooks? I know I have to write eBooks better than some blog or diary, I have to have an outline first some notes on ideas of what to cover and try to go step by step and give better examples to let those people not used to the terms or words or ideas I know explain them better.

But the eBook wars have begun, I was at Barnes and Nobel a few months ago buying the Stephen King "On Writing" book and the clerk asked me if I wanted to pay $375 for the Nook eBook reader which would be cheaper. I said no thanks and I told him I had a theory that soon it will go down in price as the eBook reader devices compete with each other and a price war happens. He said it wouldn't and I should buy it now. has the Kindle, Apple has a new iTunes with eBook abilities for iPd Touch 4, iPhone 4, and iPad, and maybe other things like Macs and the Trackpad or whatever.

But I do recall Microsoft having the LIT format and the Microsoft Reader for Windows 9X and Windows CE around 1999 or 2000 and it didn't go anywhere.

But I am too poor to afford creative writing classes, and had hoped for a change in my medicare to make things more affordable for me so I can have more money saved to do things like this, but alas one thing after another keeps happenng. When my son is back in school and my wife is working I should have more free time to research this and write some more eBooks. But is Bit Torrent web sites the best place to self publish eBooks for free, or should I pay Clearbits or whatever for membership or forget about FOSS eBooks and try to get some published to earn money to get off disability? I am doing this for love and a passion for writing to help out others and offer alternatives to downloading commercial eBooks and even allow others to join in and help me edit and rewrite parts of the eBooks and give them credit and make it better.

I did contribute to Wiki sites for the past five or six years. One of them was Wikibooks and the C Sharp book they were working on and on page 63 of that book you will see Orion Blastar given credit as a minor contributor. Also Computer World Cited my old technologies and software and programming languages no longer used so apparently while I am not notable enough for Wikipedia I am over the years starting to contribute stuff and at least two of them got noticed even if I didn't do very much. I figured I could write an eBook on old tech people think is dead and no longer used and find out if people still use it in some way.

The problem is my mental illness creates personality conflicts with others who don't even understand it, and stuff like that makes it hard to hold down a job or even try to contribute to others without making them annoyed or upset and claim my panic attacks and other stuff the illness causes is done on purpose, etc. Like personality problems associated with it.

Any advice, any FOSS software to use besides OpenOffice.Org and IBM's Lotus Symphony? Any FOSS software to analyze writing and find mistakes and other things. Any web sites I can get good advice from without getting trolled and trying really hard not to troll back because my illness makes me sick and I write something back."

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