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Comment Welfare Capitalism (Score 1) 1

is what FDR brought to the USA to fix things. Basically Keynesian Economics which is like communism lite aka social democracy.

In the USA, Bush, Obama, have bailed out their friends in big companies too big to fail, and from crimes too big to jail. This is welfare capitalism, where they give corporations billions of dollars, because they done goofed and lost a lot of money, and instead of going bankrupt or being bought out by a better corporation, they are rewarded for their gross incompetence with billions of dollars that goes mostly to executive bonuses for messing up really bad. Then lower end workers get laid off and replaced with H1B Visa workers, Automation, or offshored to a third world nation where labor is cheaper.

Now that Trump is president, I sort of fear he will cut welfare capitalism for retired, disabled, and people on welfare and pay even more to corporations for goofing up. I would rather Trump be a trust buster like Theodore Roosevelt was, break up big monopoly corporations into smaller ones that would include, Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Google, Amazon, Oracle, HP, etc. Just take the API each one uses and open source the API so the Free and Open Source community can work to make alternatives to them that are free as in freedom.

Comment I'd buy it for $20 (Score 1) 42

without the subscription option. I just want to put it on old PCs because it is more stable than DOS/Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. I'm into retrocomputing and I'ved used OS/2 2.X and 3.X when I worked, and I like the virtual DOS machines and WINOS2 that runs 16 bit Windows software. I think there was an ODIN add on that worked like WINE but for OS/2 to run 32 bit Windows programs.

Windows 10 is big and bloated, and they added too much stuff to it. I had to downgrade from 10 to 7 using a different hard drive. I unpluged the Windows 10 hard drive and put in a new one and installed Windows 7 on it. One thing I like about OS/2 is that it loads faster and has less bloat than Windows 10 has. I also like the same thing for Linux, lower overhead in memory because it swaps out modules from the kernel when they are not in use, etc.

Comment Re:Hahahaha! (Score 3, Interesting) 106

It all depends on how much that company pays their lawyers to get around the law for them. Google and Microsoft and Apple can get away with using someone else's IP just by running up the court costs until the IP owner has to settle out of court in order to avoid more than their income in court costs.

Google's search engine serves links to torrents. If you Google "Windows 10 Torrent" you will find torrents that will download Windows 10 on Google's search. Does that mean Google is doing the same as KAT? I'd say yes to that, KAT is a torrent search engine and Google's search engine can find torrents for you too.

Comment Intel (Score 1) 111

pretty much killed McAfee Antivirus by bloating it up so much to use so much memory that it killed sales and people went to Nod32 and other antivirus programs that used less memory and ran faster.

Intel did this on purpose so people would think their old PCs needed a new upgrade to a faster processor to run AV faster. The same thing happens with video games eating up a lot of memory foring gaming to buy new parts.

Comment Classic VB should be open sourced (Score 1) 331

Microsoft is not making any money off Classic VB anymore, and there is a lot of libraries and source code examples for it.

I made my living writing in Classic VB in the 1990s and up to 2002. It was easy to learn because it was like every other form of BASIC from the 8 bit era. VB.Net changed things and made it more like Java.

For those who have Classic VB projects and want to convert it to run on JRE look at Jabaco which can convert some Classic VB code to a JAR file. It is like Java based on Classic VB but misses some parts of Classic VB so you have to convert some code.

Comment Kuro5hin is finally dead (Score 2) 264

I did not come here to praise Kuro5hin but to bury it.

Rusty Foster was an absentee landlord who neglected it while he worked for Newsweek writing Today in Tabs until he got fired. Everyone remembers the CMF that never existed but Rusty raised a lot of money with it to promise to fix Scoop and improve Kuro5hin, but the money went to fix his house and buy a yacht instead.

Rusty helped Howard Dean's campaign use Scoop to connect with voters, but the Dean Scream ruined that. That was before social networks too off and people use Wordpress now instead of Scoop.

Just about everyone who made Kuro5hin great had left, Rusty put up a $5 paywall for new accounts, when that failed to stop trolls, Rusty deleted the login form and new user page. After that didn't work Rusty moved his DNS to Ghandi in France and the site was down for a few days until this new landing page was used.

Rusty's Twitter page: but he made it private so only his followers can see it.

Comment Re:The AltaVista Page Sucked (Score 1) 172

Google added features like searching with "" so you only searched one site for results. Google also added natural language processing so people could ask it questions and it would find the answers to the questions. Ask Jeeves had that first, but Google did a better version of it.

One thing that Google did was Adsense and advertising and I don't recall Altavista and others having advertising options, but they did have sponsored listings. Google found a way for web masters to earn money. Google became the default search in Firefox as well when people switched to it from IE.

Comment Here lies the problem (Score 1) 779

a lot of low paying, back breaking, labor jobs are 99% men and nobody cares enough to get women to take those jobs.

Bring in the blue collar jobs in IT, suddenly they want equality because those are better paying jobs that don't need a lot of physical back breaking labor.

Females just don't seem to have an interest in IT, only 18% people taking IT classes are female. Both males and females get bullied because they do well in math and science but somehow the females get discouraged from it and move on to something else. Males get bullied too but don't get discouraged from it. Maybe cracking down on bullying will make more females take up IT classes because bullies call females who take IT as not feminine.

Minorities, it is basically a poverty problem, they cannot afford tuition and college to earn the IT degree. They cannot afford the home computer to learn on, and they might be in a financial situation because their father left them or went into prison. You'd have to get a fund to get them home computers and low cost Internet and then scholarships for IT degrees.

Comment The Zynga business model (Score 4, Insightful) 101

Make social network and mobile games that are free to play but require you to buy in-game items in order to complete quests and become better.

Make sure you copy the ideas of other game companies.

When the game isn't doing too well, move it to the location in India and let the India division support it until it dies off and has an end of life.

Hire and fire developers all willy nilly, to save on research costs.

Release the first version all buggy so that people have to buy the DLC that changes the game and fixes the bugs for more money.

Comment Was that before or after (Score 1) 313

they built those FEMA camps?

Why did they build FEMA camps that look like prisons that are near rail road tracks and each one has thousands of community coffins that can hold 4 bodies.

They are modeled after the camps they kept Japanese-Americans in or before that the Native-Americans.

Comment Ubisoft has done this sort of stuff before (Score 5, Informative) 468

I bought some Ubisoft games at Big Lots on clearance for $5 in CD/DVD form.

One of the games had a discount code for half off the Ubisoft web store. I bought a few titles and applied the discount code to get half off my order. I entered my debit card and paid and waited for the software to ship. Two weeks later my order was canceled, out of stock on every item I ordered. My money was refunded. I tried the discount code again but now it doesn't work.

The games I bought for $5 at Big Lots, the keys were no longer valid.

Comment Robot Security Guards (Score 1) 335

Microsoft has them, K5 units. Plans to weaponize them with tazers and maybe something else later.

If a security robot can use a tazer on a human being, then they can use an AK-47 or AR-15 or anything else like a flame thrower.

Is the robot autonomous? Does that question matter when it aims a weapon at you and fires?

We might have an ED-209 situation here, malfunctioning robot that kills innocents.

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