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Comment Re:Bad idea (Score 2, Insightful) 415

Parent's sig applies perfectly to those that moderated him "insightful". The number of "Ifs" in the comment remind me of FOX news commentary.

Nowhere is it being proposed that you can no longer extend Firefox -- it's just that you will need to use a more user-friendly language than XUL to do it. It's called something else, and suddenly those that don't take the time to read the linked articles freak out and declare that the end of the world has come for Firefox. Does anyone not think that the Firefox team would have thought through the consequences and decided with sober mind that they're positive?

Another poster has already quoted the firebug response, but here goes again: "I don’t think these changes will have a big impact on Firebug. Firefox will continue to support extensions while the jetpack technology matures. We can adapt as we go along"

If the creators of an extension as complex and deeply embedded in Firefox as Firebug think it's going to be ok, then maybe that's a sign that we should all just take a big breath and chill out.

Comment Lies... and statistics (Score 1) 113

I'm not sure what you can reliably take away from these statistics. Since it is only rentals it excludes the following conditions:

Did they go see it in the theater and now own the DVD? (will probably never rent)
Did they go see it in theaters and didn't care for it? (will probably never rent)

This means that the stats only capture those who
1) Didn't see it in theaters - i.e. it wasn't a big deal to see it / they didn't consider it worth the ticket price
2) Are curious enough about it to rent it later

After renting once, did they buy it for their personal library, or say 'meh' and never watch it again?

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