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Comment Re:EU lawsuits against tech companies (Score 1) 165

It will take time to drive the quality of life down for UK workers so that businesses can find the place attractive for a HQ.
But if at the very least they can do their banking and lawsuits there.

Other islands that attract business: Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Bermuda, Monaco, ...
(of course Isle of Man is already a tax haven, so we don't really need Britain)

Comment EU lawsuits against tech companies (Score 3, Informative) 165

If tax evading tech companies are sick of being dragged through European courts and fined hundreds of millions of euros, perhaps they should welcome Brexit with open arms. Imagine, a small island nation that will be easily influenced by promises from corporations to win votes for the politically ambitious. Everything is up for negotiation in the UK.

Brexit means that the UK can be the new America for these tech companies.

Comment Re:So a guy that runs a ride sharing company. (Score 1) 274

When I got to SF to meet up with friends, I usually park at a BART station outside of the city and ride in. Parking can be kind of unreliable to find depending on when and where, and driving around is circles until you find something sucks because driving in the city is a big pain.

Comment Re:So a guy that runs a ride sharing company. (Score 1) 274

I don't know, seems like older kids (tweens) that have to go between various after school activities might be good use for self driving cars. It would really ease the burden off parents, who exhaust themselves every day lugging their various children around to multiple locations.
As for safety, you know self driving cars will have tons of internal cameras as a vandalism deterrent and possibly using a human to do facial identification at a central office before accepting the fare.

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