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Comment Re:Alternate technology, available today (Score 2) 440

It does have a water drain for the condensate.

Mine captures the condensate in a storage compartment that needs to be taken out and emptied into the sink, so it doesn't need to be connected to anything. It does add one short step to the process of doing laundry, but I found the condensate quite suitable for refilling the steam iron, so that saves on shopping for distilled water. There's a lot of surplus too, so I'm sure it can be used for other (non-food) water evaporating applications as well.

All in all, the thing is worth every penny I spent on it. As you said, it really is gentler on the clothes, and I'm saving energy to boot. Only downside is that it's quite slow. By the time it wears out, I might be able to buy an ultrasonic one :)

Heh, your not-so-typical /. conversation.

Comment Re:Don't buy this (Score 2) 440

This crap is right up there with Teflon and other supposedly good inventions, that only serve to make you pay more, and let U.S. businesses own more custom by the way of patents.

To me, this sentence was a dead giveaway that parent was a parody (that went over a lot of people's heads).

Of course, there's the remote possibility that parent doesn't realize that Teflon is a rare example of a "wonder material" that is virtually irreplaceable for a host of applications including medical devices, scientific research, data transmission, chemical industry, aerospace, mechanical applications,... You never know with Poe's law.

Comment Re:Don't buy this (Score 2) 440

AC science in all its glory! This is why we can only have nice things when China starts manufacturing them and selling them to us.

Please, don't buy Chinese-manufactured ACs. Murkin ACs are 50% more A* and every bit as as C, and buying them promotes job growth in the domestic astroturf industry.

* "A" value of Murkin ACs may decrease over time.

Comment Re:Taxing consumption is archaic. (Score 1) 839

You could just as well say that wind energy is a relic form times before the steam engine was invented, or that the electric car is a relic from times before the internal combustion engine became mature. Sometimes old ideas regain their relevance in the face of new developments, deal with it.

As for consumption tax being regressive, that would have been a good point, except that TFA quite explicitly talked about progressive tax on consumption (i.e. don't tax basic goods but do tax luxury items).

Comment Re:Climate change is degrading the military (Score 1) 228

Let's get this straight: you're so rabidly anti-public-spending that you're willing to trample all over article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for it? (And no, the USA is not exempt.) It makes me sad that a supposedly intelligent person can seriously suggest things like this, and makes me fear for the future of American democracy. What ever happened to "freedom"? Does that only count when it comes to guns?

Comment Re:symbols, caps, numbers (Score 1) 549

Yup, and that's exactly why they keep these in plain text.

I have always questioned the wisdom of using these kind of security questions at all. If they are used as an extra factor in authentication, then there is some rationale to it, though there are far stronger multi-factor schemes. The real scary part is that a lot of places (fortunately not banks) allow users to reset their password with little more than a correct answer to a security question, which can often be found on Facebook etc...

Comment I came here to say just that (Score 1) 644

It would be a tribute to the much-beloved X Windows, which was obviously their inspiration for introducing workspaces aka. virtual desktops.(*)

(*) Yeah, yeah, I know that this is a feature that is implemented in (most FOSS) window managers, and that X has nothing to do with it. The joke works better like this, OK? O yeah, and the part about X Windows being beloved was sarcasm.

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