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Submission + - SPAM: Criminals Pay Top Money for Hackable Nokia Phone

narramissic writes: "What's so special about the discontinued Nokia 1100 phone that criminals would pay $32,413 for one? Nothing... unless it was made in a factory in Bochum, Germany. The Bochum-made 1100 phones contain Nokia software from 2002 that is apparently vulnerable to tampering and can be reprogrammed to use someone else's phone number. Criminals can then intercept the transaction authentication number (TAN) and illegally transfer money into a criminal's account, says Frank Engelsman of Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations. Ultrascan is trying to obtain the affected 1100 model to verify if the attack works as described, Engelsman said."
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Submission + - South Korean Economic "Prophet of Doom" Ac (

Anonymusing writes: Park Dae-sung, the unemployed South Korean blogger who was arrested for maliciously spreading false information under the psuedonym Minerva, has been acquitted and released from jail. Because some of his posts about the economy contained factual errors, the South Korean government accused him of undermining financial markets. The judge wrote that there was no proof that Mr. Park had the intention to undermine public interest and that it was difficult to believe that Mr. Park knew that some of his statements were false at the time he wrote them.

Submission + - Miss a car payment and your car won't start. (

revjtanton writes: ""People all around are experiencing financial hard times and having to make daily decisions about which bills get paid and which get passed on until the next month. Unfortunately if you have bought a car recently missing that payment could find you sitting on the side of the road with a dead hunk of plastic and steel in place of your car."

This raises a question of ownership. If you miss car payments your auto can be repossessed but to me this seems to cross a line. If your name is on the title, and you generally pay your bill, shouldn't you have a right to flexibility and privacy?"


Submission + - New Apple TV ads sure to inflame debate

EMB Numbers writes: Apple released a new TV commercial called "Legal Copy" that lambasts Windows PCs for use of excessive legal disclaimers and the perceived amount of fiddling needed to use Windows. MacJournal has transcribed the "legal" text spewed by PC. Prominent criticisms in the transcripts include the need to download drivers, update anti-virus software, defragment disks, prune the registry, and manually backup files. Mac OS X ships with all drivers needed including support for consumer cameras, printers, etc. Mac OS X does not fragment the disk or use a registry. Few Mac users have anti-virus software. Mac OS X includes automatic and automated backup.

Submission + - Windows 7, Vista and XP all cheat and steal RAM

ace writes: You can upgrade your computer to 4 GB RAM for 30 USD (if you already had 2 GB) or maybe you already have 4 GB installed. Still 32-bit Windows (XP, Vista, and even the next Windows 7) will effectively use only 3 GB. Contrary to the claims of the uninformed, 32-bit Windows is actually able to use much more memory — up to 128GB! Windows 2000, original XP and XP SP1 were also all able to use all of the RAM on the system. And both Vista (since SP1) and Windows 7 cheat in the System Properties showing e.g. 4 GB even when they use only 3 GB. But the only technical reason why Microsoft doesn't let you use more RAM on 32-bit Windows is the setting encoded in the license file! See for yourself. It appears that Microsoft does that only to force people to 64-bit systems. If they claim that not every driver would work (which is highly suspicious, they write "Some drivers might not load if PAE mode is enabled" when in reality the PAE is already enabled since XP SP2) they should still let users use all memory and try. They probably don't want users to discover that the 64-bit system is not needed at all or that it is, for their needs, slower or less flexible than 32-bit. The "not more than 3 GB" limit had sense in the time only a big company was able to purchase 4 GB of memory, but not today. On another side, to use more than 3 GB on 32-bit Ubuntu Linux client distribution, you just need to enter one line, which starts with sudo apt-get....
The Military

Submission + - US Military's Latest Field Recruit: The iPod

nandemoari writes: "U.S. soldiers are being issued iPod touches; however, it's not a morale-boosting exercise or a way to combat boredom, but a low-cost way to give them access to important portable tools. Using the iPod Touch, and in some cases the iPhone, brings several advantages. It's considerably cheaper than most alternative technologies, since it's only a couple of hundred dollars. Many, if not most, soldiers have already used one in civilian life and thus need less training in its basic operation. And the intuitive design means most functions can be performed with a single thumb, making it less distracting and cumbersome in the field. According to Newsweek, the military is funding the development of iPod applications specifically designed for the military. There's already an app which calculates ballistics trajectories and distance. Apps in the works include a remote control for a bomb disposal unit and a database of local information accessed by photographing a local street sign."

Submission + - Lenovo killing System Update for Thinkpad

escherian writes: "Yesterday I've got this message running System Update on my T43p: "Lenovo's method to update systems is changing. New updates or your system will continue to be available at Launch System Update again in May to enable our new messaging system."

System Updates off? On Thinkpads? Seems like the destroying brand plan is in full effect now.

More diplomaticalese from Sales channels:

"Lenovo is developing alternative patch management solutions to better serve our customers. Powered by LANdesk , the new services will offer a more complete approach to patch management. Automatic updates via ThinkVantage System Update (TVSU) are being discontinued worldwide after March 31. Customers can continue to download updates by accessing the Lenovo support site at In addition, Lenovo is pursuing alternative patch management solutions powered by LANDesk. Future offerings will be communicated through the new Lenovo Message Center Plus application beginning April 25.
Lenovo Message Center Plus will be made available for download to notify users of critical support Issues. When TVSU is run on or after April 25, the TVSU client will offer to install Message Center Plus, after which time TVSU will uninstall itself.
In April, Lenovo will begin repackaging some of the device drivers available on the Lenovo support site so that installing a single driver can be accomplished by executing a single file. The current process requires two steps: (1) Download the driver and expand the package, and (2) Navigate to the C:\Drivers directory to launch the installation."

Users are angry:"

Submission + - Has Microsoft Lost Its War On Open Source? (

snydeq writes: "Microsoft's mixed messages on open source could end up eroding the company's developer base, thereby derailing its ability to keep pace with a rapidly innovating market, InfoWorld reports. Led by Sam Ramji, the company's Platform Strategy Group has made strides repairing Microsoft's open source image, donating code to projects and backing big-name open source organizations, yet by tying Ramji's hands when it comes to freeing up Microsoft's licensing restrictions, Microsoft stands to lose much of its 'unnatural advantage' in the marketplace — its customer base — because the company will soon 'be too far behind everyone else in design, developers, and strategic thinking,' said IP lawyer Andrew Updegrove. Not only has the rising tide of open source emboldened proponents and open source vendors to believe that the flip-flopping software giant no longer poses a threat to the open source movement, but the rising appeal of open source technologies have many Microsoft developers anxious to take advantage — with or without a clear blessing from Redmond."

Submission + - SPAM: Prototype camera, chips survive explosions

coondoggie writes: "Can surveillance cameras (and their recorded data) mounted in buses and other forms of public transportation survive a catastrophic explosion? Seems so, at least according to tests being conducted by the US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate, which has taken to blowing up retired buses in Maryland to prove the point. The department recently blew up one such bus that contained 8 cameras with 16 ruggedized memory chips. After a substantial explosion where the bus was annihilated, 14 of the 16 chips and 7 of the 8 cameras survived the blast. Of the 14 cameras recovered, "every video minute on there was recovered without degradation," DHS said. [spam URL stripped]"
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