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Comment Re:Epimenides would be proud (Score 2, Funny) 426

(alt. account to avoid undoing moderation :-)

hahaha. What did you expect to happen?

You posted 10 blatenty flamebaitish messages all stating the exact same thing.

The first one got modded down because it was flamebait, and you posted the exact same thing 10 more times. The moderation given to your flamebait posts calling admins and moderators and retards was completely appropriate.

By the way, I gave you your first "flamebait" mod for your initial post calling admins retards. Calling someone a retard is flamebait, plain and simple.

When you posted to complain with your illogical explenation that your blatant flamebait was in fact not flamebait, and that you are one of the few people that knows what flamebait is, I modded that post overrated.

When you posted yet another blatant flamebait post, I modded that one flamebait as well. Then I ran out of modpoints.

Look, there are some inappropriate moderations around here from time to time. I have been a victim of them myself, but that does not make the system fundamentally broken. It's just an environmental factor that you just kind of have to deal with.

I sometimes post things knowing that I will get modded down. I've called moderators retards and been modded down for it.

The trick is to limit your losses by limiting the amount of posts you make that you can reasonably expect to get modded down. Blatant flamebait will get modded down, and your posts are blatant flamebait, redundant, offtopic, and if not for the fact that you may actually be this mentally unstable, trolls.

I don't want to undo my moderation because I (and everyone else) know it was entirely appropriate, but I will sign this message and tell you the main reason I modded you down instead of just moving on and chalking your post up to just another idiot in the shitheap.

I thought there was a good chance you would fly off the handle. I never imagined you would take it this far, but I must admit that I am very glad it happened.

Yes, I am an asshole, and a troll, but your posts were blatant flamebait and were modded appropriately.

bit trollent

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