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Comment A different path ...? (Score 1) 336

The U$ government, congress, politicians path for the last 40 years has clearly phucked US like prostitutes, without payment, reward, satisfaction, consideration, or even money to buy vibrator batteries. Eventually we will be a nation of illiterate, homeless, diseased, hungry ... People. When you trust a politician, cleric, plutocrat, or bigot you betray all US Folks.

Comment Leon, Please shut-up. (Score 1) 425

Leon Panetta IMO makes the same mistake that POTUS Chaney and vPOTUS Rove made in the GWB Whitehouse. Fear based analysis of your enemy is a flawed analysis.

Our enemy can be Sunni-wahhabist, Shia-shurh, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS ... or Russian, China, French, German hate-fanatics and terrorist .... Fear is the most lethal and dangerous weapon in their arsenal. Politicians, clerics, wannabes ... in the USA, that stress fear, are all chicken-little screaming for falling clouds.

The greatest military powers that have existed in the world for the past 200 years have not ended US or destroyed The Constitution of US, and very few have been able to injure US. Our enemies have great puffery as do our Politicians, clerics, wannabes ... in the USA, but actually they seek to rule US by fear. FEAR is just a four phucking letter word that has no value to US and our leadership, but does impress foolish enemies of US.

USA Politicians, clerics, wannabes ... need to grow-up and become leaders for US or they need to shut-the-phuck-up.

Comment Many managers are incompetent decision makers. (Score 1) 371

Software, hardware, science, technology, scientist, engineers, troubleshooters ... internal employees are seldom respected as experts by insecure managers; Hence, managers will contract external resources to support their decisions. The managers’ expert outsourcing provides the point for blame-storming and career-building credits.

Comment Drugs are bad, War is far damn worse! (Score 1) 474

War on drugs causes and sustains:
        Criminal underground economics
                Government corruption financing / bribes.
                Bank crimes of money laundering and tax evasion
                Law enforcement personnel deaths and disabilities
                Low income communities’ exploitation / enslavement
                More ....
        Public health / welfare catastrophes
                Spreads diseases HIV, hepatitis, most STDs ...
                Gang, paramilitary, gun ... violence
                Long-term hospitalizations / care
                More ....
        Political / Cultural inequality, excuses, bigotry
                Excuses for underfunding schools
                Depressed neighborhood economics
                Bad teachers ... few police ... no jobs ....
        Criminal exploitation of citizens ....
        Death of generations ....

Comment Governor Rick Perry PTL Revisionist Science (Score 1) 2

Maybe Ricky and GOP-TP clergy would like some school prayers before meals and classes. Can we get an AMEN for Texas and US. Education with dogma and mythology is all any Texan needs to learn. Why not just cut Texas tax-dollars from the education budget until Texas-clergy and Lord Ricky gets some religious respect and compliance.

Clergy biased government, courts, plutocrats ... rule US all.

Submission + - President of UT Austin declines chancellor's request to resign ( 2

lfp98 writes: President Bill Powers has long been in conflict with Governor Rick Perry over the direction and goals of the University of Texas' flagship Austin campus. This week, news leaked that the Chancellor requested Powers' resignation before this Thursday's meeting of the Regents (who are all Perry appointees), under threat of being fired at that meeting if he did not resign. So far Powers has refused, while expressing an openness to leaving after the end of the current academic year []. Powers is highly regarded by UT students, faculty, alumni [] and the larger academic community, but has been criticized by Perry and other conservatives for not being sufficiently focused on providing educational services at the lowest possible cost. Powers' supporters view the forced dismissal as brazen political interference with University governance, primarily for the purpose of allowing Perry to influence the choice of a new president before he leaves office in December [].

Comment Another rather parochial view of the future. (Score 1) 564

Louis Del Monte is rather parochial in estimates that machine intelligence will exceed the world's combined human intelligence by 2045. "Most of the human race will have become cyborgs by the end of this century, is a probability. The allure will be evolution, because “immortality” is demigod hubris and delusion, because all demigods are mortal. Human-machines (cyborgs) will make breakthroughs in science (theoretical) and engineering (applied), most of the human race “MIGHT” have more leisure time, be enslaved a/o dead, and a few or all will have it better. The concern, I'm raising is that cyborgs are human-machines, but silly legacy science-fiction has cyborgs as the future Frankenstein’s monsters unpredictable and dangerous. "Human-machines (cyborgs) are self-conscious and have the capabilities to protect themselves and protect, love, help ... others and evolution. The cyborgs IMO will view us/others in the same way any human does, very naturally. "Humans/Cyborgs are synergistic species that can save the world twice over, and make us humans far better." Appealing roommates to me consider unknowns essential sustenance for synergy and evolution of intelligent species. Fear is a four letter word that is actually obscene to humans/cyborgs.

Comment Goldman Sachs core business data/info .... (Score 1) 346

Goldman Sachs core business data/info ..., looks like they don't own a/o act responsible for the data. Goldman Sachs should be fined for the core-business data breach by their contractor, and rehab their core-business model. Goldman Sachs has become just another brand-name that contracts out their core-business requirements ... much like many others in the .Gov, .Mil, .Com domains. They are in name only an institution without actual substance. IMO

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