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Comment That's not how it works (Score 1) 269

Uh, no. If she were to drop out now, the ballots couldn't be undone, but Tim Kaine, as the surviving member of the ticket, would become president if the Dems win.

That's not how it works.

If the candidate cannot finish the race for some reason (death or infirmity is the supposed scenario), the party chooses a new candidate. That's Democratic party rules.

In this particular situation, and so close to the election they would *probably* select Tim Kaine, but the party is not obliged to choose him.

Comment Hillbullies (Score 1) 269

Even the other Democratic candidate considers it a non-issue, and has said so since the very beginning of the primaries campaign:

This is nothing more than a stupid-ass canard that Trump and his alt-right goonsquad are clinging to in order to distract from the real issues and the fact that they have no answers and their entire campaign is built around racism, misogyny, and xenophobic isolationism.

Real issue, such as Clinton supporters being bullies?

There's not a one among you who can rub two words together without insulting someone.

Delete the insults from any pro-Clinton position and you have nothing left!

Comment Wouldn't matter (Score 1) 269

Actually, Comey should drop out of the investigation, and someone else at the FBI should take over from him. He is either stupid, or compromised, or both.

Wouldn't matter. Apparently everyone on the investigation *except* Comey wanted her indicted:

The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled the FBI and Department of Justice, with one person closely involved claiming that career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.

“No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute — it was a top-down decision,” said the source, whose identity and role in the case has been verified by

Comment Just want to point out (Score 5, Insightful) 124

Tesla changes their accounting methods. Dumb money is excited that TSLA is profitable. Smart money has no idea what to make of these numbers but know something smells musky.

As far as I can tell (Yes, I am a forensic accountant) they sold a lot of now-obsolete cars at a big discount and did some other tricks to prop up sales and push Q4 revenue into Q3, Q3 expenses into Q4, etc.

Now, it really doesn't matter if they're profitable or not because they have plenty of money in the bank and $22 million is a rounding error. Except Tesla is trying to buy Solar City. Why? Basically to bail out Elon Musk since Solar City is a turd circling the drain and Elon has a lot of money tied up in it (directly and indirectly through his other company, Space X). A lot of Tesla stock holders recognize this shit for what it is. But if Tesla can eek out a profit, dumb money thinks Elon is a fucking genius and let him buy up Solar City.

I just want to point out that the OP is:

1) Claiming to be a forensic accountant
2) online
3) as AC.
4) Framing his position in emotional terms (dumb money, smart money)
5) While showing no specifics. (Tesla changed accounting methods? Using nebulously-defined "tricks"?)
6) For a company whose analysis is largely partisan.

I don't know why people bother reading up on Tesla, news and analysis is all over the map. Price points from $150 to $400 per share, negative/positive outlooks, baldfaced lies about specs, dangers, and recalls, and all absolutely certain of their analysis.

It's almost as if there are large groups of people who would personally benefit from Tesla's success or failure, and who are willing to lie and mislead to bring about that result.

Submission + - Hotel CEO Openly Celebrates Higher Prices After Anti-Airbnb Law Passes (

An anonymous reader writes: A hotel executive said a recently-passed New York law cracking down on Airbnb hosts will enable the company to raise prices for New York City hotel rooms, according to the transcript of the executive's words on a call with shareholders last week. The law, signed by New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday, slaps anyone who lists their apartment on a short-term rental site with a fine up to $7,500. It "should be a big boost in the arm for the business," Mike Barnello, chief executive of the hotel chain LaSalle Hotel Properties, said of the law last Thursday, "certainly in terms of the pricing.” Barnello's comment adds fuel the argument, made repeatedly by Airbnb and its proponents, that a law that was passed in the name of affordable housing also allows established hotels to raises prices for consumers. It was included in a memo written by Airbnb's head of global policy, Chris Lehane, to the Internet Association, a tech trade group, reviewed by the Washington Post. LaSalle, a Bethesda, MD-based chain, owns hotels around the country, including New York City. The memo is the latest volley in a bitter fight that has pit the hotel industry, unions, and affordable housing advocates against Airbnb and its supporters. At the heart of the fight is a debate over the societal value of the Airbnb platform and its role in the economy of cities throughout the world. The question is whether Airbnb has been a net benefit, by enabling middle class city-dwellers to make extra money by renting out their homes, or whether it has had the unintended consequence of exacerbating affordable housing crises in expensive cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

Submission + - 28,882 Emails From Hillary Clinton's Private Server available online (

Okian Warrior writes: [Note: This information is 10 hours old as I type. If Slashdot wants to post this, perhaps with an appropriate warning, they could potentially scoop all of the the MSM and Breitbart/Drudge for this news item.]

The twitter group PunishmentPosse appears to have released 28882 E-mails from Clinton's private server, available from as either a torrent or direct link.

The files appear to be 28882 PDF files, each of which appears to be state department E-mails to Hillary from 2012 to 2016. Some E-mail addresses have been redacted, and occasionally an entire page has been blanked out. Everything seems legitimate at first glance and to my untrained eye.

Note that this is not a wikileaks drop, and the data might not be authentic.

KimDotcom has previously hinted that Clinton's E-mails might be released on Hillary's birthday (October 26th). He has not claimed responsibility, but has recently made a few cryptic tweets today.

(Kim Dotcom may have an axe to grind, because Hillary Clinton signed his US extradition order)

Submission + - Rogue Green Bank Observatory Begins Search For Life Around Tabatha's Star 1

unclejimstroutshack writes: It's hard to survive in an era of budget cuts and constraints. The Green Bank Observatory has in fact flourished going rogue Going rogue is never easy the largest fully steerable and most modern United States radio telescope has turned the corner and is lighting up Tabatha's Star tonight, which created a huge internet sensation last year when it's unusual and prolonged dimming led conjecture that it could be due to the construction of Dyson or Near-Dyson sphere around it's host star KIC 8462852. At some points Tabatha's Star dimmed up to 22% of output. The Green Bank Telescope has faced budget cuts from the Nation Science Foundation which is odd considering it is the United State's most modern radio telescope. Her first light was in 2000 and she is true behemoth. going rogueYuri Milner, a Russian internet tycoon has financed Setis Breakthrough Listen project to the tune of 100 million over the next ten years in the search for life in our universe and the investment at Green Bank has been phenomenal through UC Berkeley including water cooled processors and a new multi-band addition to the telescope that can pull down a terabyte of data every hour or two. History is being made and amateur astronomers are leading the charge. In fact the data is readily available. Code example: perhaps a signal has already been found .

Submission + - Students announce 2017 solar-powered land speed record attempt

is_this_gdog writes: According to the New York Times, students from the Prototype Vehicles Laboratory (PROVE Lab) at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (CA) have revealed plans to break the international land speed record for a solar-powered vehicle. The current records stand at 23.5mph (official FIA) and 56.75mph (Guinness World Records). The car will use conventional solar cells to generate around 2kW, which the team believes should allow them to exceed 65mph — without any help from batteries — in the Mojave Desert in June 2017. The completed vehicle design was revealed in a video and in a press release on the team's website — construction of the ultra-lightweight chassis appears to be underway already.

Comment Temporarily Brick 'em (Score 3, Informative) 62

The other problem is what a do-gooder hacker could do once they took over the botnet. The options are: brick the devices, making them completely unusable; change the default passwords, locking out even their legitimate owners; or try to fix their firmware to make them more resistant to future hack attempts, and also still perfectly functioning.

I say brick them. Perhaps when bad security starts costing ordinary people time and money, they'll take it more seriously.

If I understand the process correctly, most hacked IoT devices aren't firmware hacked, the exploits live in volatile memory while the device is powered. The exploit can't get into the firmware because that's much more difficult, and in many cases the firmware is read-only.

Power cycling the device will clear the hack, but it can be taken over again using the same exploit.

Bricking the device, or perhaps making the device access an online site intended to catch the owner's attention(*) seems like a reasonable solution when used in concert with all the other solutions - going after the perpetrators legally, going after the device manufacturers, changing net rules to disallow IP address spoofing, and so on.

(*) Lead to a website with a landing page alerting the owner of the issue, or (for cameras) upload video to the user's account alerting the owner to the issue, and so on.

Submission + - Tesla shocks Wall St. with huge earnings surprise and actual profits (

anderzole writes: Tesla on Wednesday posted its earnings report for the quarter gone by and investors will have a lot to cheer about. While analysts on Wall St. were expecting Tesla to post a loss, Tesla during its September quarter actually posted a profit, and an impressive profit at that. When the dust settled, Tesla posted a quarterly profit of $22 million and EPS of $0.71. Revenue for the quarter checked in at $2.3 billion.

Illustrating how impressive Tesla’s performance was this past quarter, Wall St. was anticipating Tesla to post a loss amid $1.9 billion in revenue for the quarter.

Submission + - Carriers to Implement Do Not Originate List to Defeat Robocalls

Trailrunner7 writes: An industry led strike force is preparing to take away one of the most valuable pieces of technology used by phone scammers: caller ID spoofing.

The Robocall Strike Force, convened by the FCC and comprising wired and wireline telecom companies, has been working since August on a handful of new technologies, standards, and other techniques to help address the robocall problem. On Wednesday, members of the strike force delivered their report to the FCC and said that a trial of a new Do Not Originate list has shown tremendous promise in preventing scammers from being able to spoof numbers belonging to government agencies, charities, and other legitimate organizations.

A trial of the DNO list that’s been running for the last few weeks on some IRS numbers has resulted in a 90 percent drop in the volume of IRS scam calls, officials from AT&T, which leads the strike force, said during the FCC meeting Wednesday. The carriers on the strike force, which include Sprint, Verizon, and many others, plan to continue testing the DNO list in the coming months, with the intent to fully implement it some time next year.

Submission + - Dilbert creator Scott Adams enters the fray (

Okian Warrior writes: Many tech people enjoy Dilbert, and Scott Adams' notes and blog entries have given us a new and different perspective on the election. In a recent blog entry bemoaning DNC bullying, Scott has endorsed Donald Trump and intends to do something about the bullying.

"Team Clinton has succeeded in perpetuating one of the greatest evils I have seen in my lifetime. Her side has branded Trump supporters (40%+ of voters) as Nazis, sexists, homophobes, racists, and a few other fighting words. Their argument is built on confirmation bias and persuasion. But facts don’t matter because facts never matter in politics. What matters is that Clinton’s framing of Trump provides moral cover for any bullying behavior online or in person. No one can be a bad person for opposing Hitler, right?"

He invites everyone to watch and follow while he baits, trolls and otherwise uses his methods of persuasion on the opposition in an attempt to influence the election.

His first shot over the bow came today: "No terrorist attack before Election Day “means ISIS prefers Clinton”.

Professional trolling, by a *real* professional troll? This should be interesting, informative, and entertaining.

I hope everyone has stocked up on popcorn!

Submission + - SPAM: Trump-supporters assaulted and harassed nation-wide

mi writes: Though often portrayed as violent and otherwise "deplorable", Trump supporters — including children — continue being assaulted and harassed nation-wide with nary a condemnation from the Democratic campaign or TV-personalities.

The article enumerates numerous incidents of not just verbal abuse, but punches and projectiles thrown, property damaged, and even one legal threat — whereby somebody claiming to be a "human rights lawyer" called the boss of a Trump-supporter claiming his tweets violate somebody's "civil rights".

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Apple shares all kinds of data with governments. ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Wikileaks tweets that Apple VP wrote to Clinton chief: "Thousands of times every month we give governments information on Apple customers"

Are we surprised?

Submission + - Nuclear plants leak critical alerts in unencrypted pager messages (

mdsolar writes: A surprisingly large number of critical infrastructure participants—including chemical manufacturers, nuclear and electric plants, defense contractors, building operators and chip makers—rely on unsecured wireless pagers to automate their industrial control systems. According to a new report, this practice opens them to malicious hacks and espionage.

Earlier this year, researchers from security firm Trend Micro collected more than 54 million pages over a four-month span using low-cost hardware. In some cases, the messages alerted recipients to unsafe conditions affecting mission-critical infrastructure as they were detected. A heating, venting, and air-conditioning system, for instance, used an e-mail-to-pager gateway to alert a hospital to a potentially dangerous level of sewage water. Meanwhile, a supervisory and control data acquisition system belonging to one of the world's biggest chemical companies sent a page containing a complete "stack dump" of one of its devices.

Other unencrypted alerts sent by or to "several nuclear plants scattered among different states" included:

Reduced pumping flow rate
Water leak, steam leak, radiant coolant service leak, electrohydraulic control oil leak
Fire accidents in an unrestricted area and in an administration building
Loss of redundancy
People requiring off-site medical attention
A control rod losing its position indication due to a data fault
Nuclear contamination without personal damage

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