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Comment Not exactly old-style SGI, but still a good spec. (Score 1) 303

Although Octane III is a far cry from the MIPS/IRIX systems which the
product name harks back to (and I should know, I have 60 of them), it
is a decent design nonetheless, even though I'm sure the aesthetics
will not appeal to many. Strangely for me, it looks rather like my PC
from the front (Centurion Plus 534 case).

I recently had to spec out a 24-core renderfarm for a small design
company in Spain, consisting of three Dell rack servers, each dual
quad-core i7 XEON 2.93GHz, 32GB ECC RAM, etc., which came to
16000 UKP + tax (list price). From the information I have at the moment,
an Octane III with a similar spec (ie. six CPUs, 96GB RAM) would provide
nearly 50% better price/performance, which is very respectable indeed.

I'll see if I can obtain some pricing, find out whether this system
does compete to a decent degree. It absolutely does with 80 cores, but
a more mid-range spec will be of greater interest to the companies I
typically deal with.


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