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Submission + - IBM attempts to redefine the intrusion prevention system (

alphadogg writes: IBM Tuesday introduced what it's calling a "next generation" intrusion-prevention system (IPS), an offering that not only is designed to stifle network-based attacks, but adds application-level controls and URL filtering capabilities typically found in separate products such as Web security gateways. The Security Network Protection XGS 5000 appliance, expected to ship in August for a shade under $50,000, integrates IBM's core IPS technology with threat-monitoring features such as the ability to identify misuse of the Web by end users and to block dangerous URLs known to spread malware. The XGS 5000 does not include a traditional firewall, however. Although the term "next-generation IPS" is starting to be bandied about, Kolodgy said IDC is still pondering the usefulness of this phrase or whether a new category entirely should be established that "goes beyond either firewall or IPS."

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