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Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 307

So everyone that thinks a lot of what the government does is bad is a sociopath?

I don't want to have to pay to irrigate the desert nor do I want to pay to rescue landowners on the shoreline. I never had the benefit of a shoreline view, therefore why should I be taxed to pay for those that do? If you want to turn all those lands into public beaches, maybe. Why do people living in livable areas of the country need to pay for those geniuses that choose to live in otherwise uninhabitable areas?

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 307

I don't see why their place of birth matters. I don't live in the same state I was born in, and I didn't need a federal bailout to move. How pathetic are people that the government has to solve all their problems?

As for Syria, we should not be relocating them either. They need to get their government under control.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 263

You're proving my point in a way. Climate change shouldn't be politicized but one side is very wrong and the other not helpful. It's a polite way of calling the ones you don't agree with flat-earthers or idiots or too stupid to be trusted to vote. You have the side you agree with, the other side is wrong.

It's what we do as humans. It's why the middle east will never have peace. It's why gun control is foolish, there are plenty of other ways to kill each other. In order to move forward, we need to accept that we will never agree on certain things and figure out a way to coexist knowing that. Safe spaces aren't a solution. Political parties aren't. War isn't. Unless we can find a way to live with our differences, we'll continue spiraling out of control until we've doomed ourselves.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 263

Some topics are to the point where there are no minds to change or anything new to learn. Abortion is one of these. You either believe it's murder or you don't. Does anyone think there's learning left to be done or minds left to change? Open borders is another. You're either idealistic and don't want to hear about the drawbacks or you see the drawbacks and don't want to hear about the idealism. Is there learning to be had? Not really. Minds to change? Unlikely. That's why we're stuck in a two party shit fest. The left gets in and we get that set of policies. The right gets in and we get the other set. Back and forth. Name calling is really the only thing left. Everyone knows the talking points. You can have the debates in your head without needing an actual debate. I see no solution unless we were willing to divide the nation in half and put the left on the left and the right on the right.

Comment Re:It is unfair (Score 1) 144

No, there is no circumvention. They're pulling the pages from a system easily identifiable as Google, and they're pulling the pages from anonymous systems the same exact way any one of us would. If those anonymous pulls violate the TOS, then no one without a preexisting relationship with their site would be able to use their site.

Comment Re:Hmz.... (Score 1) 120

Bullshit. I've worked at union shops before and I would have loved to be able to say no to joining or paying for the union. It should be a choice. Just like when the auto plant in the south said no to the union because they didn't want one either.

Forcing workers to join an organization that they don't want to be part of is anti-worker.

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