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Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 1) 214

Ignorant views. Try telling that to the victims' families. People that wanted a more secure America after 9/11, were they victims of the media or flat-out racists? No, and you're an ass for suggesting as much. I'll let you in on a little known secret.. people want to live. They want their families to live. They want their friends, and coworkers, and neighbors to live. Both the US and Europe as well as nations around the world are seeing attacks waged on them by Islamic extremists, and all the while people like you blame those that don't wish to be victims.

Securing the borders and controlling immigration are primary responsibilities of our federal government. It's not being done well enough. That's why Trump was nominated, and why he stands a good chance to win. That's a big reason why the Brexit happened, along with a number of other issues. That's why France may Frexit soon. That's why nationalist parties throughout Europe are gaining support, and I'm not a fan of most of them.

The ignorant views are from the people allowed to stay in modern countries that fail to embrace the opportunities it offers them. Nobody in those countries secretly loves terrorism. You need help if you seriously think that. People hate terrorism and they're starting to hate their governments that don't do enough to prevent it.

Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 2) 214

EU nationals by birth, sure, but their lineage is anything but. These aren't long established French or Belgian families who have suddenly decided to become terrorists. They are "migrants" or close to it. The longer this plays out, the more "nationals" they'll have. If they don't win by fighting, they'll win by changing the population from within. The media won't show it, but there's a rise in the acceptance of various nationalist parties throughout Europe. The stage is set for something really nasty to happen. The people are angry, and not without reason.

We'll have to see how the markets play out. Those banks may change their mind depending on the outcome of the upcoming French election. Either way, the Brits knew what they were getting into.

Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score -1, Troll) 214

At least one of the Bataclan terrorists was tied to an individual that entered via Greece disguised as a refugee. Greece admitted to it. The background checks failed because he claimed to be from a place with no functioning government to do the background check with. This will be part of the push for France to Frexit if Le Pen wins. Look at the "jungle" in Calais, that shouldn't be happening.

The rest of your comment sounds like sour grapes. There will be a period of disruption, but it's likely that Britain will emerge stronger for it. It's childish to think that everything would go smoothly on day one. It's also silly to think that the voters were misled on such a serious issue. They had ample time to get informed. It may not matter anyway, if France does Frexit, the EU is finished.

At this point, no one cares what Germany wants. Germany is seeing its own citizens arrested for speaking out while the "migrants" can say anything they want. Merkel will be lucky to retain ownership of her head.

Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 2, Informative) 214

How many times do EU members want to bail out Greece? How many terror attacks must be tolerated that were aided by the EU's freedom of movement between member countries? The Brits had enough of it. That's democracy. France may be next depending on how their upcoming election goes. The ideals of the EU sound great but they aren't working out to every member nation's satisfaction. Once again, Europe has Germany to blame for a lot of what's going on.

Comment Re:Unconstitutional (Score 1) 438

If Saudi Arabia sponsors terrorists then Hillary Clinton should stop taking money from them.

I don't care if the wall is concrete, metal, electronic, robotic, or just a damn mine field. I want to see a real effort to defend the borders. It's one of the few things the federal government is actually supposed to do.

I'm sticking to "no refugees". We're taken enough tired and poor over the years. It's time for other nations to step up and do their part. We're due for a break. We don't need to be the next Europe. Hell, pretty soon the refugees will have taken over Europe and they'll have no need to come here.

Comment Re:Unconstitutional (Score 1) 438

Murder won't stop if firearms are outlawed. Like the saying goes, then only the criminals will have guns. The rest of us would become easy targets. And even if we could erase every gun from reality, there are countless other ways to kill people. How many people died on 9/11 where the weapons used were mere box cutters? In St Cloud, it was a knife. In NY, a kitchen appliance. The Boston marathon before that. In Nice, a truck.. which could easily happen here. We accomplish nothing by trying to repeal our right of self defense. All it would do is make it easier for evil people to do evil things. You'd save more lives by banning fatty foods. But that's not going to happen either.

Hollande is done. He's doubling down on Merkel's stupidity. He'll be lucky if they don't drag the guillotine back out. Britain is leaving the EU. France will be next once Marine Le Pen takes over. The left's inability to listen and admit their mistakes is putting the nationalists in power. France is suffering not only from terror attacks, but also near endless protesting. They're on the brink. Germany is no better. They're censoring and arresting wrong-thinkers like crazy. She'll be looked back on as the one individual most responsible for the end of the EU.

The French way of life is almost over. They've been invaded. They've suffered non-stop violence. No one except the nationalists have put forward any plan to protect the public. Look at the lawlessness in Calais. Tell me how Hollande has improved that situation. He hasn't. He can't. You've confused cowardice with courage. Trump pointed out in a visit to Belgium that they were taking a great risk with their policies on immigrants. He was called a racist. Then they were attacked. He was still called a racist. But he hasn't backed down. That's courage. Hollande taking a blind eye to the destruction of his country, that's cowardice.

If America is truly great, you have no need to fear its citizens being armed. Otherwise you're saying they can't be trusted and you wish to control them. That's not how our nation works. The mere fact that you think the government should take our guns away is the proof that says we need them.

Comment Re:Unconstitutional (Score 1) 438

Refuse people re-entry but leave our borders wide open? There's a good plan. I'm sure those that leave and get radicalized wouldn't try to sneak back in. I mean, if you can't trust a terrorist, who can you trust? Right?

And no, let's not take in the refugees. Greece already let a terrorist in that was posing as a refugee. A lot of people in France paid for that mistake with their lives. Hillary mocked Trump's "strict vetting", yet she's now proposing "strict vetting" as well. I'd prefer no vetting. Let the oil-rich Arab countries take in the refugees. It would be less distance and less of a culture shock. It makes far more sense than sending people all the way over here where they have no familiarity with anything or anyone.

Comment Re:Unconstitutional (Score 1, Informative) 438

Did you miss the terror attacks this past weekend, or the many that came before them? We're being invaded by an ideology that wants us all dead. "Lone wolfs" that aren't actually lone. It may be recent immigrants, it may be the offspring of immigrants. But the ideology is the same. The foreign countries they visit before becoming radicalized tend to be the same. St Cloud could have been worse if not for the armed off-duty cop. Some of the other attacks might have been stopped sooner if more people exercised their 2nd amendment right.

Look at what happened in Nice. Eighty six dead and four hundred thirty four wounded. Or the Bataclan theater. Those types of attacks could easily happen here too. It'd be a shame if we let the government outlaw self defense. It's bad enough we have "gun free" murder zones. People are so busy attacking the 2nd and organizations like the NRA that they're losing track of what's really going on. NRA members aren't running around killing innocent people. No one guns down the innocent and yells "the NRA is great!" No one holds people at gunpoint and asks them to recite the second amendment to decide whether or not to execute them.

By the way, 911 isn't always available. We've had looters break and enter after severe winter storms in the north east. That's a major problem if you're in a small town that may not even have a full time police force. You're either armed or you're a victim. But that's fine with you right? So what if people die that might have been able to save themselves, you were a proper liberal!

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