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Comment Re:Internet is not a school priority... (Score 1) 256

That's not the point. If you can make an investment of $1 million today that will bring in $300k of "profit" every year for the next 15 years, do you make that investment? What if that "profit" covers all the costs for every athletic program at the school and puts some money into the yearly budget?

Comment Re:Internet is not a school priority... (Score 1) 256

I agree with you in principle. Try to keep in mind, though, that sometimes athletics can serve as income for the school district.

Our school district has nice facilities and it also hosts many regional events that are additional revenue.

Sometimes you need to spend money to make money.

Comment Re:'Jucers' are a meme (Score 1) 358

I'm not defending the "juicer" crowd.. I have never experienced a "juice" myself. I can see some appeal, though.

Some people do not enjoy the taste of all fruits/veggies. At the same time, different fruits/veggies have different health benefits. Me, for example, not a huge fan of blueberries but I know they have anti-oxidant properties. I do like bananas, though. If I could get a "juice" that gave me the benefits of the blueberries but basically tasted like a banana, that sounds more appealing than eating the two separate.

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 344

I'm not a fan of the Honda touch screen in new vehicles however once you get everything set up, the steering wheel controls and do almost everything you want and they are EXTREMELY easy to use. Everything can be managed using one of your thumbs while leaving your hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel. Once you're on the road, shouldn't really be a reason you need to mess with the clunky items, as you mentioned.

I'm not going to pretend to be a saint and say I never use my phone while driving.. however that happens maybe 1 out of every 60 trips. I fail to see how most communication is so important it cannot wait a little bit before I'm safely stopped.

But I also started driving in '95 so cell phones weren't an issue. Guess I didn't grow up with the need to be in constant communication with someone.

Comment Re: Make America Great (Score 1) 619

My wife went to university here in the US and got an H1B after she graduated to be an interpreter.

I agree the loop holes need to be closed but let's not kid ourselves into thinking it's not beneficial. Without the H1B, you might see less investment from Asian countries simply because there are very few Americans fluent in spoken AND written Asian languages that want to work as an interpreter.

Comment Re:I find myself curious... (Score 1) 399

Many people get paid based on the hours they work.

I'm salary, I get the same amount every paycheck regardless if I work an extra 10 hours one week. My brother-in-law owns a lawn care company, 3 months out of the year his employees are technically unemployed since they are hourly. I'd say most hourly workers in the country will have varied income.

Comment The home theater (Score 1) 360

135" screen, 5.1 surround, theater style reclining chairs for 4 people, cheap refreshments, non-sticky floor, ability to pause or replay certain scenes..

or I pay $40-$50 and the only advantage is a bigger screen with a better sound system.

I will still go to a movie theater once or twice a year, normally as a reward for my young son for doing well at something.. I don't mind waiting a year to see new movies courtesy of Netflix, amazon prime, or just buying the disc. Big Star Wars fan, still haven't seen the latest movie.

Comment Re:I know it's trendy (Score 1) 649

The military, and associated industries, are likely the most sure votes Republicans have. Keeping them happy and playing the "support our troops" sympathy card is an easy way to lock up many votes.

Hell, my boss is in Air Force Reserves after doing Marine Corps (he spent time in Afghanistan). I can have a very rational discussion with him about the state of affairs and find that we have pretty similar views of what should happen, but at the end of the day he says "I have to vote Republican because I'm military"...

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