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Comment Re:Sick of hearing about the "3D TV Fail" (Score 1) 148

It's a failure in the same sense of Betamax and HD-DVD, they could not establish a sustainable market.

My parents got a 3D tv a few years ago, used it to watch Avatar a couple times but haven't touched the glasses since then. It's still a nice tv, they just do not use that functionality at all and have not bought any 3D movies.

Similarly, I have a projector I recently purchased to hang up in my basement when I complete it. No intention of ever using the 3D functionality.

VR could conceivably fall into the same category. From a technological standpoint, it works very well. From a practical standpoint, consumers just don't desire that novelty.

Comment Re:SWATing needs serious consequences (Score 1) 208

The problem is if they do not response appropriately and there is a true emergency and someone dies, they may get sued over that.

We have devolved as a society. I believe trust and civility are necessary for a successful society, trust is all but gone now. Shit, we have a President that lies his ass off about any subject he doesn't like.

I do worry about the future for my son. Are we going to leave some shit storm for future generations to deal with?

Comment Re:Uncomfortable Truth Incoming. (Score 1) 641

Have you ever been drunk? The problem with being drunk is that you can stop making rational decisions. This is not an excuse, just reality.

Blaming the father for his daughter's poor decision is as bad as blaming Tesla for the car going to fast. She's to blame, simple as that. in a civil suit, maybe the driver going the wrong way holds a small part of the blame.

The father is grieving. It sounds a bit like he's stuck between denial and anger right now. About the only people who think Tesla should hold any blame are the ambulance chasing lawyers. If I were the father, I'd be more pissed at the people she was with that allowed her to drive home at all.

Comment Re:Reverse logic (Score 1) 641

I've actually seen instances where other factors did come into play. There was a football player, maybe 5 years ago, that hit and killed a pedestrian that was trying to cross an interstate. The football player's BAC was slightly above the legal limit.

If I remember correctly, he did spend some time in jail and had a settlement with the family of the man who was killed, however the courts also put a portion of the blame on the guy who was trying to cross the interstate on foot. If he had been completely sober, the football player would have had no liability at all.

Now that doesn't give a good indication how this might turn out but I do think there's a possibility the driver that was going the wrong way does end up sharing a small portion of the blame (if there's a civil suit). Criminally that person will get a traffic ticket.

Comment Re:Took? (Score 3, Interesting) 156

You would think they would have not only network but physical safeguards in place to prevent this. I see this as more damning of the NSA security procedure than anything else. Regardless of how you slice it, it is a massive amount of data to be able to go "unnoticed" for 20 years!

Sometimes when someone has worked in a certain area for 20 years, they are given more responsibility. Maybe this guy was suppose to be the safeguard? Not saying that is right way to handle sensitive information but I don't have the details.

Took? They don't have it anymore? Unnamed US officials could have better used the term "copied" I think (though not totally wrong I suppose).

Took is a completely acceptable term. He took the data with him. It doesn't say "stole" which would really cause a pedantic shit storm here on /.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 2) 626

Strong immigration policy by not "banning" the country that has produced the most foreign terrorists that have made attacks on American soil. Is it a coincidence the countries that were banned just happen to not having business ties with Trump entities? When I saw the list and didn't see Saudi Arabia on it.. I knew it was a joke. Not to mention there has been far more American born terrorism in the US post 9/11.

I'm all for legal immigration. His ban punished people who legally immigrated.

As for illegal immigration from Latin America.. the best way to combat it is to turn their economies around. If we continue to piss on our poorer neighbors, they will find a way to sneak into our country even with a wall in place. Do I have a solution? No. It just seems like common sense to not make enemies of your neighbors.

Comment Re:Some of the best satire (Score 2) 333

I consider myself a civilized person. I am not violent and prefer a "live and let live" lifestyle. I'm straight and do not smoke but I have no problem if my neighbors were gay and smoke marijuana every night in their house.

What I don't like, and what really boils my blood, are public acts of ignorance towards the world we share. In my head, I would love the chance to smack around some of these people that perpetuate lies. Remember as kids, when we did something wrong we'd get spanked? Why can't we do the same thing with adults? :)

I don't understand why, as Americans, we feel the need to always voice our opinions as if they are fact. As someone who has traveled a significant amount around the world, I would always argue against the ignorant American stereotype by saying the average American is no more or less ignorant than the average _____ (fill in the blank of the local nationality).. however the average American just likes to let everyone know when they are ignorant on a specific subject.

Ignorance is the social norm, now. We no longer defer to those with experience or knowledge.. everyone believes themselves to be experts on everything.

Comment Re:This doesn't seem that impressive (Score 2) 191

If you only bet when the odds were in your favor, you would slowly bleed your stack away because the other players would immediately fold as soon as you bet. Then you'd have a "bad beat" when someone called and got an improbable card to win the hand when their odds were incredibly low. You'd probably lose a lot of money in those situations.

With a little experience, simply calculating your odds is quite easy to do. However knowing when you're in a position of power or weakness is not nearly as easy to calculate.

Comment Re:What about electrical, plumbing etc? (Score 1) 315

I am finishing my basement now for a house we had built almost 3 years ago. I have done everything down there, framing, plumbing, electrical with the exception of hooking up the sub panel electric box to the main breaker box. I had an electrician do that part and also verify my electrical work.

I think I'm technically suppose to have a builder's permit (like $20 from the local courthouse) which would have an inspector come out and approve the work before I put the sheet rock up.. but since it's not visible to anyone they don't have to know about it.. :)

If you have the tools (thanks to my dad) and some time, it's really not difficult. My framing wasn't as efficient as someone with experience but it's very structurally sound.

Comment Re:Wasted Effort (Score 3, Insightful) 81

So you're rather have a lunatic President with daddy issues and a fragile ego instead of a few stupid protesters who get out of control?

My wife, who has a green card, is legitimately worried she might have issues getting back into the country when she has to travel internationally in a couple weeks. Trump is pissing all over the Constitution, and quite frankly, acting more like a despot instead of the leader elected somewhat democratically. He wants to punish people who question his judgement.. that's fucking scary.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1, Insightful) 745

I'm all for improved communications however his insistence in "alternative facts" is what really pisses me off.

Trump thinks water boarding works, despite many in the intelligence community that deem it unreliable. I think he should be water boarded to see if he finally starts speaking the truth.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 726

Sounds like those employers are either getting by just fine without those employees or if they do need those employees they better start making better offers to get those positions filled. The other day I drove past a burger king and they had a big banner out front offering $15+/hr to work for them flipping burgers.

My wife works at an automotive supplier. They hire through a temp agency, those that stick around and do a good job will eventually get hired on, start around $15/hr and get benefits.

When I was a student worker (sort of like a co-op) at my current company back in 2000, I made $11/hr. I lived at home and was able to get my B.S. at a state university in Ohio and only walked away with approximately $6k in debt. 17 years later wages really haven't changed, I think the students only make about $11.50/hr now.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 4, Insightful) 726

Unfortunately not everyone has the means to go out and get those skills required to earn a decent salary.

I agree with the GP, if you're willing to put 40 hours in of work per week, it should earn you a basic living wage in the area you're in. I don't really care what skill level the job is, it's a job and someone's working hard to complete it. Society needs people of all skill levels to function.

Minimum wage has not kept up with inflation. There are thousands of manufacturing jobs open in my area that go unfilled because they cannot find the people who want to work hard, starting at $10/hr without benefits. That's almost $2/hr above minimum wage. Even in this region where living expenses are very low, good luck paying your bills on $20k/yr.

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