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Comment Re:Microsoft demise? (Score 1) 133

Or they see Open Source offerings such as LibreOffice and the various, mature Linux distros as a threat. Maybe not for gaming and Outlook, which is why I cited those two niches. Their relevance is not a given; we've seen how Android has been adopted to users who just want to use a device to access the web or create some documents.

Comment Microsoft demise? (Score 1) 133

From my armchair at the old folks home it seems Microsoft has given up whatever advantage they have with desktop computing. All they needed to (continue) doing was provide a stable platform for their office suite and PC games. The growing pains of NT and ME should have been adequate lessons learned for them. It's as if they have no idea where they are headed or who their customers are. Business and consumers are fed up.

Comment Programming is not the important thing (Score 3, Insightful) 98

problems begging solutions are. When I was programming professionally I never thought being able to program was as important as having a problem to solve requiring a programming language. App development is the same, find a reason to program, solve the problem in your mind, apply a language and you are a programmer.

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